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Applejack Promo

Applejack Promo

Over the passed week on Reddit, since the opening of r/MLPCCG, the Design and Dev team has been answering almost every question in a “AUAA”, more over here, and a transcript after the page break.

First off, thanks for doing this! It’ll be great to learn more about the game and the future of it from the creators themselves!

As for my questions:

Will we be seeing unstamped, regular versions of promo cards released in future sets or otherwise? I’m sure a lot of players would love to have some small possibility of pulling more of them for 2- or 3-ofs.

Also, do you guys have any estimates as to when the comprehensive rulebook will be released? I’m sure you all are getting tired of rule clarification questions, and it’ll be great to have one official location to go for detailed, unequivocal reference.

Thanks again, and thanks for making such a fantastic game!



All of the gameplay exclusive promo cards only debut as exclusive promos. We have plans to use them again. As for Rainbow Dash and Nightmare Moon from the Premiere Pre-Release, there are unstamped versions already printed and waiting to be used in future OP progams.

The comprehensive rules will be released later in January.


I really want to get my hands on some of the promo cards; promo or otherwise. I can’t afford the time to travel to distant tournaments since there are no local ones.

I hope they do something for this. :(



The goal of the organized play promo cards is to give exciting and sought after cards to MLP CCG players and fans who are dedicated enough to play in tournaments and meet new pony players. The goal is not for them to be too expensive. The plan has always been to release the gameplay exclusive cards again in the future.


Ooh! Glad I discovered this subreddit!

  • In your opinion, whose mechanics are the most fun to use?
  • Flavor-wise, what playstyle did you intend for Twilight?
  • How did you decide on color-specific abilities like Applejack’s discarding, Rarity’s graveyard rummaging, and Pinkie Pie’s cupcaking?

    I call it “cupcaking” when Pinkie dismisses an opponent’s pony and I swear to god I am going to make that expression stick

  • Is it intentional that Spike is a dragon hatchling who has zero power and the firebreathing ability?



  1. Our aim was to make all six colors fun to play, and to make them unique from each other so that every player would find a play style that suits them.
  2. Twilight’s play style is…what the purple cards do. ;) She’s an egghead (no wait, she’s just well read). Until season three, she was responsible for reports, she likes to look things up, and she’s the de facto leader, so she might tell you where to stand.
  3. Assigning gameplay abilities to the colors was an ongoing process throughout all of development. We made lists and debated quite a bit about which abilities suited each of the colors and the philosophies of each color, as dictated by the character and abilities of the founding ponies of those colors.
  4. Oh, does Spike remind you of something else? Hmmm. Curious.
  5. Princess Celestia: Ray of Sunshine isn’t Fluttershy colored, nor are any of the other yellow cards. Fluttershy is the founding pony for yellow, but it does not only represent her. It represents care for the natural world, concern for those who can’t protect themselves, sharing, and kindness in general. This Princess Celestia card represents those aspects of her personality. At another time, friends we see in one color might be seen again in another, when they are showing abilities or aspects of themselves that represent a different color.


I was wondering when there will be comprehensive rule book? Also, when there will be a source for shops to post about tournaments? (Like the shop finder for Wizards)



We have a Where To Buy link on the Enterplay website. Plug in your location information and click Find Store to see stores in the locator close to you. The store finder is a work in progress and we are adding new stores to it all the time. We hope to have a wide selection of shops there for all of you soon.

Boosters and starters are also available at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and Meijer. Special versions of the starters are available through Hot Topic stores.

One of the best ways to get retailers close to you interested in carrying MLP:CCG if they aren’t already is if someone asks them about it. Make sure to mention you’d be interested in the product if they carried it the next time you are in your local gaming store.

Also, comprehensive rules are coming in a few weeks.


Hi guys

Are you going to be focusing solely on the show, or will there be cards based on the IDW comics as well?

And are there any plans for collector’s/Promo tin sets?



I cannot answer your first question at the moment, but new deals and synergies could be struck at any time, depending on fan interest and interest from other franchisees.

Plans for future projects are coming together. Nothing I can announce at the moment, but keep an eye open for more developments.


Is there some copyright-related reason why all the card art is just screenshots from the show, or can we expect to one day see cards with original/non-screenshot art?

How much freedom does Enterplay have with card design? Between the extremes of “absolute adherence to canon” and “turning fan OCs into cards”, where does Hasbro draw the line?

Who are you mods of this subreddit? I know Quindo is an official Enterplay-approved judge, but what about the rest of you? Introduce yourselves!



re: card art. Anything could happen in the future!

Hasbro approves all of our material before it is printed. So if what you’re hoping for seems like something Hasbro wouldn’t or couldn’t approve, we probably can’t make it. Only Hasbro could tell you where they draw the line. We have a lot of respect for Hasbro and their role with respect to MLP.

I am actually own the MLPCCG_Amanda and MLPTCG_dev accounts. I registered the latter during the public playtests at Gencon, before I heard final word on us using CCG instead of TCG. I registered my newer account to reflect the game’s official name. (Don’t send anything to MLPTCG_dev, I don’t check it much anymore.) I am here to help the team stay connected to the player community here. Rest assured that I will not, however, limit or censor discussion of the game using my mod powers unless someone posts egregiously infringing or still-secret information. This space is for you guys to interact with each other and for free and open discussion.


What steps need to be taken if a small group (4-5) wanted to playtest for upcoming sets?

I’m currently the organizer for a 7 member playtest group for another card game, so we’re familiar with metrics, NDA’s, and regular meetings.



I’ll answer with the first answer I ever got about playtesting…”Don’t ask us, we’ll ask you” :) Seriously we’re always looking for playtesters. My advice to be an active part in your local community and the online community of the game. We first look at our current volunteers and judges for new playtest groups so that’s a good place to be active in. Come up and talk to us at conventions and big tournaments. The #1 rule really is just be active, in a good way, in the community.


I’m loving this card game! It’s making me switch from Magic, which is kinda bitter sweet but whatevs.

Although I’m wondering, I have been playing Marvelous Chapeau on my Rarity Mane Character, but I read through the rules and it said a Mane Character can’t be targeted by cards or abilities. Does this mean I can’t play Marvelous Chapeau on Rarity? Or is it only concerning that my opponent can’t play cards to Rarity?

If you can answer I’d be really appreciative _^



The rulebook says: “Mane Characters can’t be targeted by cards and effects that target Friends, and they can’t be removed from play.”

The key to determining whether you can play a card on a Friend, a Mane Character, or either, is in the targeting information on the card. If a card specifies “Friend”, then it can only be played on Friends and not Mane Characters. If a card specifies “Mane Character,” then it can only be played on Mane Characters and not on Friends. If it specifies “character”, then it can be played on either (as Friends and Mane Characters are both characters.)

Oh! An AMA from the Devs of the game! AWESOME!

When you guys were developing the game, what made you decide to interject a mechanic that lets players draw as much as you want? (Within reason of course, based on your remaining action points)

Also, why was it decided that official tournaments would be single elimination rounds instead of best-out-of-three matches? I feel that by doing so, players may be eliminated solely because of bad hands or terrible draws. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid said dead ends?



/u/mlpccg_tmac‘s answer to your tournament question:

Let’s first get a little bit of the terminology out of the way so everyone is on the same page. My Little Pony CCG is going to use a best of 1 match but a Modified Swiss tournament structure. The tournaments will not be single elimination but each match will only freature one game. This is done for multiple reasons; time associated with the entire tournament, how long each round would take, and overall competitiveness of the players. Modified Swiss you’ll be playing more rounds so you’ll have a higher frequency of opponents. Your individual variance per match might be higher than a best of three match but your overall variance will balance out with more games in general. Plus you’ll get to play against more people and a wider variety of decks.

re: drawing for action tokens. We liked this mechanic for several reasons. First, it’s a little unique, and we wanted this game to break the mold a little and try new things. Second, it’s an effective, simple, and easy counter-strategy to several of the core strategies of the various colors, and something anyone playing any color can do. Also, action tokens are precious…if you’d rather give up one of those to get another card, we wanted to leave that strategic option open for you.


So, I havent actually played the game yet, but lots of people are talking about it so I’m guessing it’s pretty fun. Are there plans for an online system where i can register what cards I have in my deck (say, each card has a number attached to it or something) and play people online? Also, does it seem pretty popular? have you heard of a lot of people playing? Sales been good?



We are over the moon with the way the player community is growing and with the feedback we’re getting from the people playing the game. As far as the online play question goes, I have to give you the infuriating answer of, “”Anything can happen in the future!””

  1. Should we be expecting new mane character? and if so would those mane be the main six?
  2. Will main character only be found in starter decks? (in future sets)
  3. Will there be more starter decks in set 2?



  1. We don’t intend to limit Mane Characters to the mane six. They were the obvious (to us) ones to start with in the first set, but we think that there are many residents of Equestria who are capable of leadership.
  2. We’re considering all ideas for delivering future Mane Characters to players, and not ruling anything out.
  3. Details about set 2 will be coming soon. I will make sure that announcements about set 2 find their way over to this subreddit as soon as that information is available.


If my opponent has two face up Troublemakers and I have Friends at both problems, can I challenge both Troublemakers in the same turn, one after the other?

When I loose a Troublemaker faceoff, does the Troublemaker phase end? Can I still challenge the other Troublemaker? Can I re-challenge the same Troublemaker in the same turn (with one fewer character since I lost)?

Also, do Faceoff Events (like “Yay!”) have to be played at the start of a faceoff or can they be played after card flips?



1) Yes, you can challenge different Troublemakers in the same Troublemaker phase.

2) If you challenge a Troublemaker at one Problem and lose, you may still challenge a Troublemaker at the other Problem. Once you lose a faceoff against a Troublemaker, you can’t challenge that Troublemaker again that turn.

3) Cards with the “Faceoff:” timing word are played during Step 3 (“Take Actions”), which comes after cards are flipped but before the winner is determined.


Question stemming from a discussion on the Cutie Mark comments – – Does the limit of three of any card affect different cards depicting the same pony? i.e. can I play 3x Rarity, Nest Weaver and 2x Rarity, Truly Outrageous?



I know we’ve weighed in on this before, but I am really glad to have the opportunity to get the answer out here again on Reddit, as this is a common misconception players are having with card uniqueness rules.

Card uniqueness (for determining your 3x per deck limit of any unique card) is determined by card title and subtitle. If the title and subtitle match, they’re the same card (even if they have different card numbers). If both do not match, they are different cards and can have 3x EACH in your draw deck.

Think of it like this. When you are attempting to confront a problem, picture it like a scene in an episode. The shot might pan over the same character more than once during a single conflict in that episode. Multiple copies of the same card or different versions of the same character at a problem represent those extra efforts, different approaches, or second tries a character might put in to help resolve the conflict at the problem.

This is really difficult to say because I don’t know what to say. I really don’t.

What card from Set 1 do you consider to be the best? It isn’t about how rare but how effective it is in a deck.



Part of the fun to me, the enjoyment of the entire TCG/CCG experience is that power level is mostly subjective. It is up to the players to find the best deck or the best card. I’ve been making games for a long time and I’ve probably played more gammes of MLP CCG than anyone. If I answer what is the best card then I feel it takes away a bit from the user experience.

I will say my daughter’s favorite card to play against me is Pinkie Pie, Pinkie “Responsiblity” Pie. That would probably be her ‘best’ card :)


Depends what colors you’re playing and what the core strategy of your deck is. I know a lot of people insist that certain cards “have to” be splashed into any deck, but I think that’s not always the right answer. The best cards to put in your deck are the ones that you’ll be happy to draw and that will advance your method for reaching the goal of 15 points. One of the first cards I cut from my own Blue/Purple deck was Heart’s Desire, because each time I drew it, it felt like a non-sequitor. I wished for purple movement-dictator cards or blue movement-helpers instead every time I saw it.

In my purple/blue deck, though, the card I’m always happy to draw is Tricksy Hat.


1.) Can you offer some hints as to anything new the next expansion will provide?

2.) This next expansion is coming out only ~4 months after the first release. Will this be common for expansions to come out this regularly?

3.) Will you be doing reprints of cards any time soon or will all expansions contain a completely unique set of cards from previous expansions?

4.) Will we see any original artwork in future sets or will they all use screen shots exclusively?

Thank you.



1 – More cards :) At least one of the mane six characters returns in set two.

2 – That will be close to the release schedule but that hasn’t been finalized. Let’s get set 2 released first. :)

3 – Reprints are a tool we plan on using eventually.

4 – That isn’t my area to say, sorry.


I haven’t gotten in on the ground floor of a card game like this since Pokemon came out, and I’m really excited!

So that there’s an actual question here, any devteam members feel like letting us know what games they’ve been involved in before, whether on the design side or the consumer side?



I (/u/MLPCCG_Amanda) have played probably a dozen different CCGs/TCGs and been involved in playtesting/development of several. I also enjoy strategic tabletop gaming (for example, Settlers of Catan) and PC and console video gaming.

Darrell (our lead designer) has this answer for you:

I’ve got a very diverse game design background covering TCGs, boardgames, RPGs, and video games. ( for a partial list.) As a player, I’m always seeking out new games to learn and enjoy.


I really like to keep focus on MLP CCG, it’s about the game and it’s fans, not about what I’ve done in the past. I’ve worked on about a dozen games and I’ve played two games at the highly competitive level.

I will say that I’m an avid hobby gamer. I play deck building games, strategic board games, and a certain card game on most Friday Nights.


Could you give us clear, concise summary of what + and – power does, both when there is a color associated with the modifier, and when the modifier has no color associated?

Specifically, does a +/1 power with no associated color only count in faceoffs, or does it also affect element requirements for both playing cards, and confronting your own problems?

Additionally, I know my local group would appreciate some clarification on what exactly +power cards do when they specify two elements. Some of your Facebook posts seem to contradict the final page of the rulebook.



I’m going to borrow from another answer here:

Power addition cards are clarified on pages 24-25 of the rulebook.

That being said, characters in this game have power and a color.

  • If another card boosts the power on a character by a certain amount, that amount is added to their original power total, and they retain their original color. The power they have is usable for any reason you would need to check how much power you have.
  • If a card grants a character only another color, they retain their original power total, and they are now their original color + the granted color. You could then choose to apply their power total using either color.
  • If a card grants a character additional power and additional color, you add the total amount of power granted by the card to the character’s power total, and that character is now their original color + the granted color(s). The power they now have is usable for any reason you would need to check how much power they have, using either color they now have.

Basically, treat power bonuses and color additions separately, even if they are granted by the same card.


Will we see more mane character cards than the six that currently exist?

And now for a question you’re more likely to be able to answer: How much do you pay attention to communities and their feedback and how much is it influencing your decisions regarding future expansions? For example, is the current complaining/praising of Cloudchaser being an almost automatic 3 of in every deck regardless of colour/element pairing affecting how you look at card deisgn for the next set?

Oh, and a third question: what ultimately made the decision to use “colour” as opposed to “element”?



  1. Mane Characters were never intended or concepted to be limited to the mane six. The mane six were just the obvious place to start.
  2. We don’t design cards in a vacuum, we have our own internal plans that also incorporate our observations of the play environment.
  3. The colors don’t represent only the elements of harmony. White is not just generosity, it is also about creativity and appreciation of beauty. Blue is not just loyalty, it’s also about speed and adventure. Purple is not just magic, it’s also about scholarship and leadership. Orange is not just honesty, it’s also about stubbornness and strength. Pink is not just laughter, it’s also about fun and parties and pranks. Yellow is not just about kindness, it’s also about caring for nature and prioritizing the needs of those who don’t have the power to help or protect themselves. If we had themed the colors to the elements, we would have been very limited to the element meanings thematically and we would have missed some very important aspects of the personalities and abilities of each color’s founding pony.


Right, where to begin? :P Hum… I’m thinking a lot of these can’t get answers yet, cuz they’re mostly gonna be about future sets, but oh well, worth a shot. And thanks for doing this, guys, much appreciated. :)

  • Not sure if this is a question you guys can answer as devs, but I’m stuck here in a… relatively strange location – South Africa. Now there are probably less bronies in the entire country than there are people living in some Midwestern American towns (I only personally know one other fan), so there’s not really much of a brony market here (though there are PLENTY of kids), but… well, any chance the handful of us here can get a little love and get some cards (and maybe some other Enterplay stuff too… dem dogtags, I needs some) sent our way? (I just hope that if there is a chance, we don’t get totally destroyed by the prices cuz the economy here sucks.)
  • If anyone can be a Mane Character in later sets, does that mean villains might too? Though I’m sure that’d be kinda hard to pull off in some ways, since they’re not really about SOLVING problems… so I guess not.
  • For that matter, any chance we could get Troublemakers of the Mane 6? Say, for instance, something like Discord-corrupted (Nasty Fluttershy, Liar Applejack, et cetera), or Pinkamena Dianne Pie (a la Party of One).
  • Speaking of Party of One, might we be getting some card-versions of Sir Lintsalot, Rocky, Mr. Turnip and Madame Le Flour? Weird request, I know, but let’s face it: everyone wants these, even if they don’t know yet that they do. Trust me on this one. XD
  • This may get me lynched, but… any chance of an Equestria Girls set?
  • I’ve heard tell of the Mane Character cards that are non-foil versions being incredibly rare finds in boosters – any official word on precisely HOW rare these cads actually are?
  • (How has nobody asked this yet?) When are we getting Derpy as a Friend card? And, even more controversially, any hints on which Element of Harmony she’s going to aid?

That’s about all I can really think of right now that hasn’t been asked by others… so yeah, yay more annoying new questions? XD



  • If you have a favorite retailer who might be interested in carrying our products, please have them contact Enterplay and we’ll try to get them set up with a distributor.
  • If there’s an instance of a troublemaker character being constructive and helpful, they might be seen on a Friend card in the future. If there’s an instance of a friendly character acting like a troublemaker, they could be seen on a Troublemaker card in the future. One of the nice things about MLP is that morality isn’t black and white. Good people make bad choices, “”bad”” people can reform.
  • We can’t say much about the future, but we can confirm that none of the Friends in set 2 have thumbs.
  • No Mane Characters were intentionally included in boosters in set 1. If there was one in a booster pack, it was a card packing error.
  • Any characters on the show are fair game for Friend cards in the future. As to what color they belong in, we take a close look at moments they are shown in the show (and of course, at their cutie mark, which may divulge more about their skills and personality) and try to find the best color for them to add their skills to.


Are there any plans to reduce the power of ultra rares in the next sets? I haven’t had the chance to play the actual game yet, but to me most of them feel incredibly strong compared to other cards.



I get lists from players all the time on the ‘best’ cards in the set and very few of them are Ultra Rares. I would recommend playing some games and you’ll see how strong some cards like Twilight Sparkle, All-Team Organizer or Forest Owl are in a game setting.


I have a few questions:

1) Does it seem that there will be a demand for official competitive play (tournaments) in the future? I ask because I am a highly competitive person in everything I do. Lol.

2) Will there be official release (and pre-release) events and dates posted on a website for reference? If so, what is the URL?

3) As someone else has already asked, will we be seeing a comprehensive rules guide in the future? I know I would greatly appreciate it.

4) If I need rules clarification, what is your recommendation for the source from which I should get such clarification?

That concludes my questions, for now. I thank you in advance and look forward to reading your responses.



1 – There will be competitive tournaments.

2 – Yes, information on these events will be posted, but I don’t know the exact URL just yet. Follow Enterplay on Facebook and Twitter and you shouldn’t miss anything.

3 – Yes, probably by the end of January.

4 – Right now the fastest way is Twitter but we’ll have more information when the Comprehensive Rules are released.


Couple things, some may have been asked before but eh.

  • Why the prevalence of “put them back in any order” over “put on top or bottom”? Double check the checklist becomes pretty weak when you could just draw those cards in pink. (and still have faceoff options with things like Vision of the Future). It’s even more underwhelming when you’re just rearranging the top 2 cards of the problem deck, as you can’t actually dig for a useful problem nor dodge one you’re not in a good position for.
  • There are some rules text inconsistencies. Rising Star, In the Spotlight says “Exhaust this card to reveal a Troublemaker at its Problem”. Lucky Streak, One in a Million says “When you play this card, you may uncover a face-down troublemaker”. Why use “reveal”? If it means uncover, then there are suddenly two terms for that. If it means “look at”, there are already at least two other cards that say exactly that (Winona/Lucky Streak). I suppose it could mean “show both players”, but that’s a bit pointless on Rising star (though I suppose that wording could make sense on Fluttershy, Monster Tamer).
  • What’s with the Celestia flavor? I get the Swift+Studious for pegasus+unicorn, but why lock her into Fluttershy’s theme and color?



  • We specified ““in any order”” so that it was clear what should be done when multiple cards are having their positions re-assigned.
  • Reveal on those cards is synonymous with “uncover”.
  • Princess Celestia: Ray of Sunshine isn’t Fluttershy themed or colored, nor are any of the other yellow cards. Fluttershy is the founding pony for yellow, but it does not only represent her. It represents care for the natural world, sharing, concern for those who don’t have the power to help themselves, and kindness in general. Set 1’s Princess Celestia: Ray of Sunshine card represents those aspects of her personality. At another time, friends we see in one color might be seen again in another, when they are showing abilities or aspects of themselves that represent a different color.


Thanks for doing this. I have a question about how tournaments are handled. Is there any particular reason tournaments are run with 1 game matches? It just seems like then it’s all based on luck.



My Little Pony CCG is going to use a best of 1 match but a Modified Swiss tournament structure. The tournaments will not be single elimination but each match will only freature one game. This is done for multiple reasons; time associated with the entire tournament, how long each round would take, and overall competitiveness of the players. Modified Swiss you’ll be playing more rounds so you’ll have a higher frequency of opponents. Your individual variance per match might be higher than a best of three match but your overall variance will balance out with more games in general. Plus you’ll get to play against more people and a wider variety of decks.


  • The way cards like “Apples and Oranges” work currently is that playing it on a 2-Orange friend would give you a friend that counts as having 3-Orange and 3-Purple. There’s no clarification as to how exactly this works, because the specifics don’t really matter if you only care about meeting requirements. However, “Applejack, Barn Raiser “allows you to exhaust her to give her power to another Orange friend until end of turn. How does this work? I would assume the power boost isn’t tied to Applejack’s current power (because that would be really awkward to keep track of, especially with cards like “Too Much Pie”). Would the friend targeted by a boosted “Applejack, Barn Raiser”get +3, +4, or +6?
  • Not sure how far out comprehensive/tournament rules are, but if they aren’t imminent, would it be possible to get involved in developing/helping out with them in any way? If nothing else, a few prereaders might help identify confusing wording or possible future inconsistencies.



Power addition cards are clarified on pages 24-25 of the rulebook.

That being said, here’s how Apples and Oranges (and cards like it) work: Apples and Oranges adds two power, and makes that character orange and purple (if they were not orange or purple already). Handle those two buffs separately. If you play Apples and Oranges on a Friend that has two orange power, it will now have 4 power, and also be orange and purple until the end of your Main Phase.

When a card allows you to give your power to another card, if the card granting power is boosted by another card, it hands over the power it has, including the boosted amount from the other card. Just the power, not the color. So if you played Apples and Oranges on Applejack: Barn Raiser during your Main Phase, and then exhausted AJ to add her power to another orange Friend until the end of the turn, she would pass 4 power (her 2 plus 2 from Apples and Oranges) to the other orange Friend targeted by AJ’s ability.


Thanks for doing this and making such an awesome game!

With that out of the way I have a couple questions.

If I use Downright Dangerous to on one of my opponent’s friends and then some other effect lowers that friend’s power to zero (such as Lady Justice during a faceoff), does that cause the friend to be dismissed?

For example: My opponent and I each have a Lady Justice at a problem and my opponent is confronting the problem. On my turn I play downright dangerous and play a friend so I am now also confronting the problem. When the faceoff begins my opponent’s Lady Justice has zero power. Is she dismissed? If so do my friends still suffer -1 power during the faceoff because of the now dismissed Lady Justice? (I would assume not, but no sense in not asking.)

Holly Dash’s ability says, “When you move this card to a Problem, you may move another one of your characters to the same Problem for free.” Does this mean that if I move my opponent’s Holly Dash to a problem (e.g. using Back Where You Began) can I then use her ability to move one of my friends to that problem for free?



  1. All of Downright Dangerous’s game text is executed at the time it is played, and then the Event card goes to the discard pile. Therefore, the Friend must have 0 power at the time you play Downright Dangerous or as a result of Downright Dangerous’s game text in order to be dismissed. That 0 power situation cannot happen later in the turn and trigger the second part of Downright Dangerous’s game text.
  2. No. In Holly Dash‘s text, the “you” refers to the card’s controller. If you move your opponent’s Holly Dash, you don’t get to use that card’s game text since you are not its controller.


Hello I have a question for the ruling of order of these cards and how they play into effect.

My Featherweight Friend vs Their Critter Cavalry

When can they play Critter Cavarly, When they want to one of those two flips? As in the 1st flip was a 3 power and they didn’t Critter Cavalry down then they flipped a 2 power then placed Critter Cavalry down which makes the power of that flipped card +5 more power?

my question is whats their new faceoff power; 2,3,6 or 7, because Featherweight does ignore the highest card value and I don’t know if Critter Cavalry is effected by Featherweight and also whats the order when they can play Critter Cavalry?

I hope my question format wasn’t that hard, it is pretty clutter but its my best way to try to explain it.



Featherweight says that your opponent flips an additional card but ignores one of the flipped cards with the highest power. Check out pages 19 and 20 of the rulebook. Featherweight has his effect on flips during Step 2: Flip.Featherweight dictates that your opponent flips an additional card and then sets aside the card they’ve flipped with the highest power.

In your example, they flip a 3 and a 2. They ignore the 3, as it is the flipped card with the highest power.

Then we move on to Step 3: Take actions. It is here that your opponent can play Critter Cavalry. Their flipped card is a 2. Their Critter Cavalry then adds +5 to the 2 for this faceoff. So their flip total would be 7.

What would happen if my opponent played a troublemaker to a problem, I then played Fluttershy Monster Tamer to that problem, then on their next turn they play a troublemaker, and I move Fluttershy Away on my next turn?



A couple guidelines for Fluttershy: Monster Tamer:

  • Fluttershy’s game text ability to banish a Troublemaker cannot be used on a face-down Troublemaker. Face-down cards do not have a card type, game text, etc., so a face-down Troublemaker is not a valid target for Fluttershy: Monster Tamer’s game text.
  • After Fluttershy: Monster Tamer is moved, dismissed or Banished, the second part of her game text kicks in. The Troublemaker returns to play. Fluttershy’s owner decides which Problem it returns to from Banishment (which must be a Problem where there is not already an opponent’s Troublemaker) but the Troublemaker remains it’s owner’s Troublemaker, and it is played to the problem in the same way that it would be uncovered if it was just being turned over during its owner’s Troublemaker Phase.

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