As Seen On TV by ArcusWind

     Within the past week, the Hub Network managed to squeeze in about an entire episode’s worth of promotional videos throughout the My Little Pony Mega Mare-A-Thon. The videos below consist of a total of 65 clips, including 30 fan questions (31 if you count the 2 questions asked by one brat), a new promo that is really an edit of the opening sequence of the show, as well as a number of recycled promos reworked for the mare-a-thon and even some bumps that poke fun at the G3-to-G4 transition. Enjoy watching the entirety of the mare-a-thon without the episodes after the break.

  • Jody Morgan

    That last video was originally posted to YouTube in 2012; was that song broadcast during the Mare-a-thon?

  • Aponymous

    um did anyone besides me notice the hubnetwork showed the Tree(Golden Oaks Library) INTACT…at least in the commercials and stuff they ran for and during the MEGA Mare-a-thon (including Pinkie Pie’s home movies…even if it was show stock reused…it still is close enough to make ME think there MAY have been a stunt double hopefully)

    alas we won’t know about this for sure until Season 5 starts but still just pointing it out.

    #savetree #treesaved?

    @Jody Morgan
    the giddyup ad promo one? yeah,I liked hearing it again myself too.

    • Spazz

      I’m pretty sure all the bumps and promo videos are produced directly by The Hub and not DHX, so I would say they’re noncanonical.

    • StatManDan

      I agree with Spazz. They usually recycle animation from the show with those Hub promos. Plus, most of the answers to the questions from from the Hot Topic hot minutes.

    • Aponymous

      True,ditto,and oh well.
      At least the basement should (being underground and all) still be ok but who knows what until it’s shown and addressed.

  • GirlaPH

    I busted out laughing when Rainbow Dash facehoof around 12:27 on the first video. Now I know how the fans feel ROFL.