Today, Jayson Thiessen, Meghan McCarthy, Tara Strong, Cathy Weseluck, Andrea Libman, and Daniel Ingram revealed a series of spoilery facts about season 4 during their San Diego Comic Con panel.

Later some six minutes of unfinished animatics of season 4 were shown. Blue Ink managed to record it with her phone and upload it before anyone else. We’ll collect more clips below the break.

This post will constantly be updated as more information and clips leak out. It might also change authorship from Telofy to Screenplay for technical reasons.

The Clips

The Original Blue Ink Upload

Seth’s Version

A Partial Panel Recording

A Complete Panel Recording

Bits and Pieces of Information

Most of these are from PictishBeast via this Round Stable thread or from Twitter.

  • “15-20 new songs in S4” —PictishBeast
  • “Via @dannyimusic: 15-20 new songs in #mlpseason4, including characters who have never sang before! #SDCC”—@HubTVNetwork
  • “Pinkie musical episode written by AKR. She meets someone who gives her a run for her money.” —PictishBeast
  • “New writer (Josh?) [or Natasha Levinger —Telofy] wrote Rarity episode that is ‘amazing.’ Jayson says the episode ‘broke’ Tabitha.” —PictishBeast
  • “Pinkie family coming to visit episode in S4” —PictishBeast
  • “Via #SDCC #MLPFIM panel: we get to meet Pinkie Pie’s sister in #mlpseason4!”—@HubTVNetwork
  • “Via @MMeghanMcCarthy: Rarity gets her own episode in #mlpseason4! #SDCC” —@HubTVNetwork
  • “Via @AndreaLibman: musical episode in #mlpseason4 centers around Pinkie Pie! #SDCC #MLPFIM”—@HubTVNetwork
  • “Luna becomes NMM again, superhero parody episode in Manehattan, good AJ song” (slightly edited for stylistic reasons) —PictishBeast
  • “AJ song is an Apple Family song (of course) but I liked it a lot. They’re on a wagon going on a journey or something. Pinkie is with them for some reason.” —PictishBeast

See also PictishBeast’s full notes and Kefka’s compilation post. Some more key points distilled from these below.

  • Twilight’s “kind of obsessive personality” will play a role in her adaption to princesshood.
  • They’re doing something big that they’ve “never done on the show before.” At the same time they’re “keeping it the same.”
  • Expect Luna, Vinyl Scratch, and Sapphire Shores songs.
  • There’s going to be “epic stuff that ties the world together.”
  • Meghan wants to focus on the many stories they can let the mane six tell before she might turn to episodes that give more love to background characters.
  • They’re working on a soundtrack in some fashion, but it doesn’t seem to be certain at this point.
  • Expect movie references in the form of background characters.
  • All but the last of the songs seem to be done already.
  • They approach the episodes more as movies than as half-hour episodes, whatever that might mean.
  • Derpy will reappear in similar fashion as she did in Equestria Girls, but probably no Derpy episode.
  • Don’t expect any more Babs Seed.

Equestria Daily and The Daily Oat have now also put up similar compilations.

Doc found a thread about this observation, but let’s go with Dos’s copypasta-ready explanation. Thanks!

On the top, there’s time. Luna scene seems to be at the very end of the episode (20-21 minutes; probably “To be continued” screen is showed right after it ends), while others are within their first halves.

Scootaloo – S04E05
Superponies – S04E06
Apple song – S04E09
Luna – very end of S04E01

Of course that’s production order, not air order, but generally those two are equal (except of some small changes like Hearths Warming Eve and Just for Sidekicks), so that info should still be pretty much accurate.

  • I’m not particularly thrilled about this supposed return of NMM. Can’t help but wonder how it’s going to be handled.

    • sailoryue

      i dont think its a return, the way she addresses twilight, im thinking shes a flashback

      • Vic

        Hope you’re right. That will be interesting

  • Anonymous

    And not a single word about Discord. I’m getting a feeling they’re just going to peewee him.

    • Anonymous

      DeLancie said that he recorded lines back at Unicon.
      Discord ain’t going anywhere.

    • Wendy

      But I likey Discord…..

  • Doc

    Origins of Nightmare Moon, aww yiss.

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  • Adam

    Anyone else, expecting that Vinyl Scratch song possibility?

  • Im glad Derpy returns even if she doesnt speak or get her own ep :)

    • Anonymous

      we should be thanking our lucky stars that she’s coming back at all
      all that complaining bullshit at any other company would have completely killed her if Hasbro wasn’t sorta being on our side, because they know she’s at least marketable

  • Rumor is that the “match” for Pinkie Pie is going to be a pony voiced by Weird Al Yankovic.

  • Rimmes Broose

    The Luna will be terribly evil …. again

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