Before you complain about a holiday episode in May, please keep in mind that scheduling of the show is controlled by Discovery Family. End of story. Now, onto the review.

It’s Hearth’s Warming Eve again (almost seven months after “Hearthbreakers” aired). The party this year is at Twilight’s Castle, but Starlight Glimmer is not quite in the mood. So, Twilight tells Starlight the story of “A Hearth’s Warming Tale”. In this fantasy sequence, Starlight plays the role of Snowflake Frost, who is the Scrooge of this story. She can’t stand Hearth’s Warming Eve and wants to do away with it via spell.

Of course, doing so might bring back the Windigos. The story pretty much follows the Dickens classic, but it has its twists that make it stand out. It even has its own version of Snape who’s even bigger a Scrooge than our main character in this story. This is where I’ll stop describing things because you simply have to see it to believe it. I was actually surprised at the pony they chose to be the Spirit of Hearth’s Warming to Come and the song that followed.

This the fourth musical episode in the series and the last two are two of the best episodes the series has had so far. This episode stands to be the best of the three Hearth’s Warming Eve episodes by a mile. The songs were wonderful, the effects were amazing, and it’s just full of good cheer (even though it’s May in our world). It’s simply a wonderful episode that hopefully will be played every Holiday season (and a soundtrack to follow on iTunes in the near future!).

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Music
  • +  The scenery and effects
  • +  Spirit of HW to Come
  • +  Just about everything



  • Squeaky_Belle

    Lmao no minuses! XD But yeah I enjoyed it thoroughly too. I’m also a sucker for Christmas music so I guess that helps. :)

  • Raffaele Lanza

    You know, since the last Christmas I’ve setted a personal tradition where at evere Christmas Eve I enjoy a bunch of Christmas related stuff (music, videogames, cartoons and so on). Watching the two MLP Heart Warming Eve episodes is one of the things I do, but it looks like from now on I’ll have three episodes to rewatch on Christmas Eve. Nice!

  • There’s no doubt this was an excellent episode. I just wish that… I don’t know. I still just don’t find Starlight Glimmer to be that compelling of a character, to put it one way. I *really* liked her as a villain. Now that she’s “reformed” (with seemingly no consequences for her actions except having Twilight give her personal friendship lessons)… again, I don’t know. I’d need to take time to think of a cohesive list of reasons why I feel this way.

    I really, really want to like her, and I’m consciously trying to find things to like about her reformed character. I still kind of hope I’m just “not getting” something and that when I realize it I will suddenly understand what so many other fans see in her. But yeah. I know I’m in the minority here and many people love the new SG, and that’s a good thing; this is all just my opinion.

    As for the episode, I agree with Dan. From an art, design, animation, music, and story perspective, it was just overall excellent.

    • Raffaele Lanza

      You’re… not one of those guys who attack Miller on Twitter for having introduced Starlight to the Mane cast instead of bringing Sunset Shimmer back to Equestria (that is impossible as EG is not canon to the main show) and are opening several petitions to change it….. right…?

      • No, I’m not. And I completely disapprove of anyone harassing any of the show staff including Jim Miller who seems especially sensitive to trolls/whiners/etc, and I definitely would never do it myself. (See my comments on StatManDan’s editorial from a week or so ago for my opinions on that.)

        Anyways it’s true that I personally don’t really like Starlight Glimmer very much (I don’t hate her, but I don’t find her to be that interesting of a character now that she’s reformed). And yes, I like Sunset Shimmer and I wish they would’ve decided to bring her into the main show canon. (And the deleted scenes in FG seem to suggest they were considering it at least for a visit back to Equestria.) But here’s the important part: the show isn’t ruined for me or anything just because my hopes for the show didn’t match up with what they ended up doing. Was I slightly disappointed? Of course. Did I get over it and move on, and do I continue to watch and enjoy the show for what it is? Of course.

        I rarely share this opinion anywhere since I don’t want to be lumped in with the assholes who attack the show staff just because their “headcanon is ruined” or whatever. Taking “headcanon” seriously is pretty dumb.

        Sorry for the rant. Like I said I really, really don’t want to be associated with the people who think their own little perfect fantasy of a show they’ve formed in their head (which takes no effort to do) is more important than the mostly excellent work that the FiM team does (which requires a LOT of real effort).

        EDIT: I forgot to address the petitions. I didn’t even know those existed regarding SG/SS until your comment. Petitions in this fandom are always bad news. I’ve signed no petitions to “bring back Sunset” or whatever, and I have no intention of doing so.


          I think that Starlight Glimmer is played as an adult that the world has passed by. She is a serious fish out of water. As such, she is not on a journey of self discovery, she is attending a lecture series on what other ponies have discovered. So, she is not really excited about anything, she’s just doing her job. Everypony else is passionate about what they do whereas Starlight Glimmer has no real direction. This may be why you don’t find her interesting.

      • StatManDan

        He’s not one of them, Raf. I checked.

  • Prince_Silversaddle

    StatManDan, Starlight’s character name is: Snowfall Frost, not Snowflake.

  • Frith

    I am apparently the odd man out. I did not particularly like this rehash of A Christmas Carol and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. As far as I could tell, the story Twilight read was fiction, and I did not buy the premise that a fiction about bringing back windigos would sway a pony who firmly believes that windigos are a fiction. It would be like trying to encourage me to write a letter to Santa Claus by telling me a story in which Santa Claus gets jailed for illegal trespass and no one ever gets presents ever again.

    Perhaps Starlight didn’t buy the windigo story. Perhaps she joined the party just because her only friends, barring Trixie and Sunburst, were there. It’s still a shaky resolution to the Starlight vs Hearth’s Warming conflict.

    It didn’t help that none of the songs have grabbed me and that I felt that the songs didn’t fit together as an ensemble.

  • Ulrik Raben

    Finally another Hearth’s Warming Eve episode.