(CAUTION:  This review will contain spoilers from today’s episode. If you do not want to know the results of this review, look away now.)

Season Five has been the season of emotions thus far. Whether it’s dealing with parting with a pet (temporarily) (“Tanks for the Memories”), reaching milestones (“Slice of Life”), atoning for past mistakes with old friends (“Amending Fences”), or the bond between siblings (“Brotherhooves Social”); this season has been pushing the emotional buttons. The difference between those and Saturday’s episode is that this one comes with a major event in the show’s history.

The episode begins with a song by the Cutie Mark Crusaders about not giving up on their quest for their cutie marks in spite of everything they have tried in the past. Pipsqueak then enters the clubhouse to announce that he is running for Student Body President and asks for the CMC to be his campaign managers which they accept. (The timing of this episode could not be more impeccable.)

Pip is running on a platform of replacing the playground equipment damaged by the battle between Twilight and Tirek. Pip’s opponent is of course Diamond Tiara. DT has the advantage of her mother, Spoiled Rich, being on the school board and let’s just say her platform is considerably more self-centered than Donald Trump’s. DT also tries bribery and blackmail to win votes and ignore’s Silver Spoon’s advice. All of that fails as Pip is elected with the CMC’s help. Silver Spoon is blunt with DT as not even she voted for her due to the latter’s rudeness.

As DT goes off in a rage, the CMC follow to make sure she’s okay. The come upon DT being scolded by her mother for losing and that she has a social status to maintain that is far more suited to the Canterlot elite from “Sweet and Elite” than anything in Ponyville. This does leave open the possibility of difference of opinion between DT’s parents since Filthy Rich has no problem conversing with ponies such as the Apple Family, but that’s perhaps a discussion for another time and I’m not going to mark off for this. Diamond Tiara sings about wanting to be a better pony and feeling stuck not understanding her cutie mark and the CMC decide to reach out to her to the point of inviting her to the clubhouse.

They are interrupted by Pip who’s just gotten stone-walled by the board (read:  Spoiled Rich) and DT sees an opportunity to claim the presidency. However, the CMC try to convince her to rise above her hostility. DT chooses the latter and dismissing the notion that she shouldn’t consort with foals like the CMC. DT also asks her father to donate money to the school for the playground equipment.

Apple Bloom then comes to the realization that through all their attempts to earn their cutie marks, they’ve been succeeding in helping other ponies discover theirs (read:  “Appleloosa’s Most Wanted”). Then the moment that every fan was waiting for finally came—the Cutie Mark Crusaders get their cutie marks. They are similar to each other though with a few differences related to their special talents. They get a huge cute-ceñara and we get one more emotional montage of the journey that led them to this day.

Hooves down, this is the best CMC episode of the series. Every song worked, the new friendship between the CMC and Diamond Tiara, and the close of an a literally five-year long arc with the CMC getting their cutie marks. I have to admit it gave me the feels after watching that. This was simply a perfect way to mark the fifth anniversary of the series and one of the most emotional moments of the series. That’s all there really is to say except here’s to the the 5th anniversary of My Little Pony: Friendshipis Magic and the cast and crew, past and present, who have worked on this show. Long as it may run.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Songs
  • +  An emotional end to the CMC’s arc



  • JakRZS

    Well, everything has been said about this episode, I’ve nothing to add.

    By the way, this episode gave me an “update” to my own promise: if you remember I told that if the sixth season won’t be the final one, I’ll stop watching the show after it and the Movie regardless, but I want to add something to this: if in the few remaining episodes in this season and in the sixth season, things will take a bad direction somehow, then I’ll simply pretend that Crusaders of the Lost Mark was the definitive finale for MLP, and everything after it, doesn’t exist. It’s just a precaution I’ll take for now, nobody knows….

  • Salculd

    If you’re worried about preventing spoilers, that’s probably the worst accompanying image you could’ve chosen to use before the break.

    • Eh, that would be my bad. StatMan just sends his material in, I forge the actual post. He submitted the review early Saturday evening, by the time I drafted it up, I figure it has been long enough.

  • Ulrik Raben

    At last after 5 years the CMC got their marks.