MLP Review: Father Knows Beast

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Now onto the review:

This episode is pretty much a do-over from “Dragon Quest” in which we have Spike trying to learn about his true self being a dragon raised in a pony world. This is where Smolder is a vital component of this story in terms of a fellow dragon to hang around with.

Another dragon named Sludge crash lands in and is nursed back to health by Spike and the Mane Six. Then, he reveals himself to be Spike’s father, though it’s apparent that there are problems with his story. Spike treats him around for some “father-son” time, but then Sludge plays the “being a real dragon” card which is really taking advantage of Spike just to stay in the castle and not really roughing it in the world. Sludge is eventually found out and takes his leave and Spike parents are still an unknown quantity. Even though Twilight will let Spike travel to the Dragon Lands more often to find out about himself, Spike says he already knows who his “real family” is.

Yes, this is a much better episode than “Dragon Quest” and one of the main reasons is Smolder. Spike needed someone besides the ponies  to hang around with and that’s what we have been getting with Smolder. It also gives one of the Young Six something outside the school arc to do.

The one problem I have is that it wouldn’t be a “Spike learning about himself episode” without Spike making some instantly bad decisions such as not seeing the ruse as it unfolds. Outside of that, this is a good episode and continues the string heading towards the Season Eight finale.



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