As you may have guessed, we are refraining form jumping ahead and only reviewing episodes as they air in the United States. So, the “Forever Filly” review will be next week.

This episode begins with Fluttershy taking parkour hopeful Angel to the vet to check on his injured foot. However, Dr. Fauna is completely overwhelmed with animals in her building which was indirectly the result of Fluttershy’s recommendations.

Fluttershy sees an opportunity to pursue a dream of building an animal sanctuary. This is a Fluttershy that is much more confident and has her vision. Three of the Mane Six recommend ponies to help her. However, each of the ponies have their own ideas that directly clash with Fluttershy’s. Fluttershy wants an open-air facility while Hard Hat (Pinkie’s recommendation) thinks she would be better off with something similar to the hospital. Fluttershy wants natural decor. Dandy Grandeur (Rarity’s recommendation) feels the place could use something more lavish. Fluttershy does not want any cages. Wrangler (Applejack’s recommendation) brings exactly that.

None of Pinkie, Rarity, or Applejack can be blamed for their recommendations. They were just offering advice on ponies who have helped them in the past. It’s just the visions of Hard Hat, Wrangler, and Dandy Grandeur clash with those of Fluttershy’s. Fluttershy is upset and fires them. Her fears are confirmed when Dr. Fauna brings the animals and they disapprove.

Undeterred, Fluttershy decides to call on a pony whom she can trust in building the sanctuary the way she wants. That pony is Big Daddy McColt. The McColts are good at building stuff and the sanctuary is designed the way Fluttershy wanted with help from her friends. It is also a big success as the animals readily approve of the new Sweet Feather Sanctuary.

The star of this episode was unquestionably Fluttershy and this was an episode to show not only how more self-confident and assertive she’s become, but to give her a chance to expand on her role of animal caregiver. The episode did its job.

Are there a few nitpicks? Maybe. We never knew until now that Fluttershy had a dream to build an animal sanctuary, but she’s never been this confident and self-assured before. As for Dandy Grandeur, Hard Hat, and Wrangler; they could have gotten away with trying to impart their visions on Fluttershy if this was an earlier season, but not this season. It’s similar to “Suited for Success” when Rarity’s friends tried to impart their visions on what their Gala dresses should look like.

But overall, this was a fantastic episode which set out to show how far Fluttershy has developed from the timid pegasus all those years ago, and how there was something beyond just caring for animals at her cottage.

Post-episode notes:

  • The evolution of Fluttershy
  • Relatable problem with pursuing dreams and visions.
  • Gave Fluttershy something beyond just caring for animals.



  • Raffaele Lanza

    Thank You very much for having done justice to this episode Dan. Equestriadaily’s users (and even a few ones from MLPForums) have been unforgiveably merciless toward it…. and its writer (yeah some even wished death to Berrow for it on ED… UGH…). I’m starting to believe that my thinking that bronies are losing interest in the Mane 6 is not wrong after all, and the success of To Where and Back Again despite the trashy treatment they got in it was due to that…. even Rock Solid Friendship. As much I liked that episode very much, is currently my least favorite of the S7 because of course…. Pinkie (Personally I’d switch the ratings you gave A Flurry of Emotions and Rock Solid Friendships Dan… I mean… the difference in your ratings of those two is MINIMUM I know but… you see what I mean). However a lot of people said it’s their favorite of the S7 so far… bah…

    Anyway, I’m not sure I’m gonna read you next reviews or staying here at all Dan, firstly because I really want to take my distances from the fandom after this Berrow mess, and secondly because due to the S7 airing quicker than we thought in Canada, I prefer to watch the episodes after the airing there instead of playing “avoid the spoiler” for three months. So…. yeah. I think this is a goodbye guys. Temporary or permanent I don’t know. I will follow MLP by my own now. I’m not sure anymore if I will quit after the movie because I’m loving the S7 much more than expected. I will decide when I will watch the Movie itself and do what I feel.

    Take care Dan, and keep up the good job and your love for MLP.

  • I enjoyed this episode so much it showed Fluttershys development as a character.

  • Frith

    I suspect that Fluttershy was pronouncing Angel’s obstacle course run as ‘pawkour’.

  • The Super Mario Brony

    I’m glad me and the Railfan Brony aren’t the only ones who strongly admire this!