Perhaps as a makeup for largely not doing much in the Movie, Applejack and Fluttershy are being sent by the map to solve a new friendship problem. This one is at the Peaks of Peril where they come across a group of creatures called Kirin. The Kirin are silent and do not speak which makes things difficult. However, Applejack comes across a Kirin named Autumn Blaze (voiced by Rachel Bloom). She sings a song about how the Kirin were once very sociable creatures unitl a fight broke out between two Kirin one day, and hurtful words were exchanged. The two Kirin’s bodies were ignited in fire by their anger and they turned into Niriks (Kirin spelled backwards), Their arguing quickly spread to the rest of the village, causing everything to go up in flames. To prevent this from happening again, the village leader Rain Shine ordered the Kirin to step through the Stream of Silence, suppressing their voices and emotions.

Autumn found a special flower that broke her silence, but Rain Shine made her choose between her voice and the village. Autumn chose her voice. Despite Autumn using up all the flowers at the time, AJ is still determined to get the Kirin to break their silence. However, Fluttershy says they should maintain the status quo to avoid harm to their village and the animals nearby. Sensing disagreement, the Kirin threaten to toss AJ and Fluttershy into the Stream of Silence before Autumn puts a firewall between them and the stream.

Autumn Blaze then says having emotions is not dangerous—what matters is what one does with them. Applejack and Fluttershy agree that giving up one’s emotions just to avoid feeling anger is no way to live and that friends can argue from time to time as long as they don’t let it get in the way of their friendship.

With that, we find the flowers from Autumn’s song (as well as earlier with Fluttershy helping some animals earlier in the episode) and the Kirin regaing their voices and emotions. Friendship Mission Accomplished!

The show went back to some of the basics with this episode and it paid off magnificently. We get a great song from Rachel Bloom and this may not make up all the way for what little AJ and Fluttershy did in the Movie, but these were the right ponies for this job. We also got a great lesson that emotions themselves aren’t dangerous. What matters is what one does with them. It is one of the best lessons of the season and it looks more and more like the season will end on a strong note.


  • Graem

    Autumn Blaze meant an awful lot to me. The episode made my heart feel warm, rich is an exceedingly rare sensation for me. The song about the Kirin was magnificent.

    To be painfully honest, I see Autumn Blaze’s character as who I’d be if I didn’t have my disorders. I didn’t want to say this on a more populated site (no offense intended). I called her “the Pinkie Pie for people who don’t like Pinkie Pie,” haha.

  • Brian Punch