So two unicorns, a draconequus, and a changeling travel to save their friends from an evil queen. Actually, I’m getting ahead of myself like Tiny Pop UK was ahead of everyone. Anyway, Starlight received an invitation to come back to her old village for a sunset celebration. She had a bad dream about it, but Princess Luna enters the dream suggesting that she consult the Mane Six on what to do. They suggest bringing a friend along, so Starlight takes Trixie (much to Twilight’s disappointment).

The get to the village, but when asked to help judged a competition among other things, Starlight panics and leaves in a hurry with Trixie. Starlight tries to talk to the Mane Six and Spike about it, but find they are acting very strange. As it turns out, they aren’t them, they are changelings who have taken their place and have taken the rest of the Royal Family. (They are probably not going to tell us how, so don’t ask.) Thorax tells of the news from the Crystal Empire and they look to Starlight for guidance. Discord appears and joins the party since he wants to rescue Fluttershy.

So MLP’s version of “Suicide Squad” travels to the Changeling Kingdom, but they cannot use their magic as Queen Chrysalis has a magic nullifying-throne. Destroy that, get your magic and your friends back. One plan is to use a password to make sure they are them and not changelings. It’s gets a bit tricky, but one thing to note is that since Thorax made a friend in Spike, he no longer feels hungry for love. Oh, and his wings are a different color than normal.

When initially discovered, they use Trixie’s smoke bombs to get past one stage, then Discord’s “annoying personality” to get past another. But eventually, Discord gets captured as the changelings disguise themselves as Fluttershy. Sensing the Discord they have is an imposter, Trixie then sacrifices herself to allow Starlight and Thorax to escape.

Starlight enters the throne room to discover her friends and the royals trapped in cocoons up top, and Chrysalis waiting for her. Chrysalis pulls a Mane-iac by not thinking much of Starlight to use a drone for her, but Throax had already done that and Chrysalis goes after the real Starlight. The Queen’s plan is to use her drones to harvest all the love in Equestria so they can feed for generations.

However, Starlight tries to convince Chrysalis that she doesn’t need to do that since Throax learned to share love, Chrysalis dismisses that claiming a changeling’s hunger is never satisfied and tries to drain the love from Thorax. Starlight then tells Thorax to let her have all of it, and he does just that turning into something more colorful. The rest of the changelings follow, destroying the throne and freeing the ponies above. Starlight tries to reason with Chrysalis one more time that she doesn’t have to be an oppressive leader (and not just because she is facing the prospect of five princesses, a prince, a draconequus, six more magical ponies, and a baby dragon with daggers in their eyes.), but the latter rejects the offer vowing revenge as she takes her leave.

The rescuers and the rescued apart from Thorax head back to the village to celebrate with Starlight more self-confident and the season ends with Discord and Trixie on flying pigs.

So something different and amazing. We wondered where Season Six would take us in the finale. We knew that Thorax might be playing a part, but no one expected Trixie and Discord to play the same and in the role of rescuers. It’s also about some of the lessons Starlight, Thorax, Discord, and even Trixie have learned over the course of the season. Starlight is Twilight’s pupil and is forced to lead a project without her’s or the Mane Six’s assistance. Thorax, from his friendship with Spike, has learned there is a way to get love without resorting to force and is willing to help. Discord, well to say he’s a bit clingy to Fluttershy is an understatement, but it’s through her that he is on relatively good terms with the Mane Six. Trixie hasn’t gotten along well with the Mane Six in the past on the show—especially Twilight—but is Starlight’s friend and is making an effort to support her in a time of need.

The banter between Discord and Trixie is genius and fans will undoubtedly want more of that in the future. One wonders when the Changelings will return to the fold—likely Season Seven—but it does set up an interesting and potential story line in the future. The Mane Six and Spike play no rea direct role in this one (and this is the third time in six season finales that at least six of them have been captured at some point), but there are indirect roles from Twilight (to Starlight), Spike (to Thorax), to Fluttershy (her friendship with Discord). So another potential plot for next season would be how much the Mane Six and Spike have influenced others, but that’s really going back to Season Four on that one.

The only issue here is that there is a possible plot hole since odds are that the changelings are still in the three castles—Canterlot, Crystal Empire, and in Ponyville—and unless there it’s addressed in Season Seven or a chapter book, it’s a plot hole. There will be some who will take issue with the sudden events towards the end, but I won’t be one of them.

Really, this was a good season. It only really suffers because the top tier episodes from Seasons Four and Five are top tier for the whole series. I’ll elaborate more on that in the season review (read:  respond to this). So that’s MLP Season Six and it was an enjoyable season if not all mindblowing (Season Four) or emotionally absorbing (Season Five). That’s all for now. More later.

Pluses and Minuses:
  • +  Background of the Changeling Kingdom
  • +  Equestria’s Suicide Squad
  • +  Discord and Trixie banter
  • +  Starlight Glimmer and Thorax
  • +  Something different for a season finale
  • –  You’re changelings are still in your castle



  • Raffaele Lanza

    Ah…. I told I wouldn’t have bothered about reviews of this finale but I can’t help myself, and I can’t keep inside.

    I’m…. really conflicted about this finale. While the idea itself is really interesting, I… feel like the Mane 6 were treated like… trash. I mean, they got kidnapped completely in off-screen, like if they’re the weakest characters ever when in past they fought giant monsters and bugbears whatsoever. I feel like the whole thing was…. forced. This really pisses me a lot…. especially since:

    1)Excluding this forced thing the finale isn’t half bad;
    2)Before the finale, The Cart Before the Ponies was the only episode in S6 I didn’t like;
    3)Knowing Jim Miller and the others, treating the Mane 6 like that isn’t something I’d expect from them, especially after six years of development.

    There’s another thing I want do discuss thought: during my first days of break from ponies, I’ve did some researches about merchandize-driven serieses and I’ve discovered with my big sadness…. that no merchandize-driven serieses is conceived to have a proper ending. Shows like Phineas & Ferb, Gravity Falls, Billy and Mandy, Kim Possible, KND, Foster’s Home and Wander Over Yonder (althought it ended a season earlier for bad ratings…) were all concivied with an ending in mind, and they ended when the time has come. Also, Samurai Jack was conceived to get its ending, but it never got it because the show was cancelled for bad ratings… until now that its fifth and final season has been confirmed and it will conclude the series once for all. But for shows like MLP… that never happened and never will happen…. for instance: Littlest Pet Shop, who ended this year. Its series finale hardly felt like a series finale and that’s because it wasn’t concieved to have a proprer ending, because just like MLP it was made to sell toys and since they didn’t sold much, the show was cancelled (neither the writers knew they were writing the last season when they were in the writing phase). Same goes for the previous TMNT serieses: none of them was conceived or got aproper “ending” and I’m pretty sure the current one won’t neither. Same for Jem and the Holograms. I’m afraid that MLP will get the same treatment: it will never have a proper “end” and it will end with something that hardly feels like a series finale only when the sales of the toys will drop. Which is why I’m afraid what’s happened in this finale, will happen more often in future, because I think this finale was the first sign that the writers are running out of ideas of what to do with the Mane 6. This is the sad truth about Merchandize-driven shows, and we’ve to accept it…. However, considering all the great premises for the Movie, I think that will be the perfect time for me to quit, because I know it will feel like an ending.

    Long story short: MLP is never gonna get a proper “ending” so I’m returning to my original plans and quitting after the Movie, and I’ll pretend nothing after it never existed.
    Sorry for the giant wall of text guys, but I had to take it out. I hope you understand my point.

    PS: for completism, I’m still gonna watch the S7 thought.

  • Brian Punch

    Awesome and Epic

  • DarkWarrior

    Since this is Equestria’s Suicide Squad, I guess that makes Starlight the Rick Flagg of the group.

  • Ninten Cano

    Good review StatmanDan!
    Have a good day.