I would have stuck this in the Merchandise Weekly post that I just did, but since the folks over at Enterplay sent this directly to me (for once), I’ll gladly pimp it in its own article.

If you are collecting the Enterplay MLP:FiM Trading Cards and seeking some of their exclusives, AND going to Everfree Northwest, well you’ll be in luck. Enterplay will be at the convention and for EFNW they are giving away their exclusive Fluttershy card. It joins the ranks of other exclusive cards such as Rarity, giving out at Bronycon and Rainbow Dash who was given out at the Hasbro Booth at SDCC. The card may make appearances at future fan events as well, so stay tuned.

Thanks again to Enterplay for sending this over.

  • Aww c’mon!!! These are coming out entirely too quickly. These things go on eBay the day after the events. I would go to the cons if I could and KEEP the cards for my collection, not to sell and make a quick buck.

    Enterplay, sell these somewhere so the rest of us have a chance to get these for our collections as well, this just sucks right now.

  • Citrus Rain

    I hope they decide to give a card out at Canterlot Gardens.

  • Sarah

    Exclusives like this make me sad because I never get any of them. I wish they’d make some a little eaiser to get. :/