MLP Trading Cards Series 2 Gallery

For you folks out in the Enterplay Trading Card collection racket, the Series 2 cards are planned to drop sometime this month. I could not find an exact date but currently has the card packs on pre-order with a release date of “April 2013”. Recently Sparklepeep sent us an e-mail to an imgur album they created which features a complete set of pictures of the complete set of series 2 cards. Picture resolution is high enough that you can make out what the backside of the cards say.

Many people have been talking about this series recently as it was discovered the Sweetie Belle card contained the phrase “cutie mark acquisition program” on it, a phrase known from the fan series Friendship is Witchcraft. The reason behind this is namely Enterplay’s connection with the community as their vendor booth has become a staple at pony conventions, and the fact many of the people originally hired to create this series were pulled from the community itself (fun facts).

The above image shows a set of 9 puzzle cards that form a picture of Spike riding Cadance.

Cards are currently available for pre-order from, currently $12.99 for 5 Fun Packs and $52.99 for the Fun Pack Box (30 packs).

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