Canterlot Wedding Poster Vector by MLP-Vector-Collabs

Following up on the Chaos is Magic Poster, the MLP Vector Club artists have completed redrawing another promotional poster, perfect for reprinting on your janky home inkjet printer!

(Fun Fact: The biggest size has 2.8 billion pixels. It took 16 hours to export)

If you want a different size or format, or have any other request, feel free to ask *SirCxyrtyx.

Special Thanks to :iconsircxyrtyx: *SirCxyrtyx for compiling the images, fixing all the errors, and exporting the images. Thanks to :iconquasdar: *Quasdar for finding huge numbers of errors.


:iconsircxyrtyx: *SirCxyrtyx
:iconmamandil: *Mamandil
:iconpsyxofthoros: ~Psyxofthoros
:iconmidnight--blitz: ~Midnight–Blitz
:icondrfatalchunk: ~DrFatalChunk
:iconshadowdashie: ~ShadowDashie
:iconanbolanos91: ~anbolanos91
:iconexe2001: ~exe2001
:iconmysteriouskaos: *MysteriousKaos
:iconstabzor: ~Stabzor
:iconmrfoxington: ~MrFoxington
:iconthediscorded: ~thediscorded
:iconpirill-poveniy: ~Pirill-Poveniy
:icontim015: =Tim015
:icondaringdashie: *DaringDashie
:iconpiranhaplant1: ~piranhaplant1
:iconsnowedearth: ~SnowedEarth
:icon90sigma: *90Sigma
:iconambassad0r: *Ambassad0r
:iconzutheskunk: *ZuTheSkunk

More Detailed Credits, and links to the individual pieces, may be found here: [link]

If you would like the source file, please read this:

:bulletgreen: The HUB logo is mainly a gradient mesh, which is not supported in some earlier versions of Illustrator, and not at all in Inkscape.

:bulletgreen: This is saved as an Illustrator CS6 file, so let *SirCxyrtyx know if you have any compatibility issues other than the HUB logo.

:bulletgreen: If you use this in any way, remember to credit the people who made it. You don’t need to list them all, but make sure to link to this journal: [link]

:bulletgreen: I would appreciate if you did not share this file with anyone else without telling them what I’ve said here. Now, i’f you’ve read all that, here is the file: [link]

  • I can’t wait to see them do the Season 2 Cast poster!