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A couple of days ago (and even before that) we reported about the My Little Pony Project 2012, an Art Exhibition that will be taking place in Los Angeles, Cali starting tomorrow 5/5 and ending on the 26th of this month. Seems the folks over at My Little Pony News were able to get a preview of some of the figures that will be on display, such as my favorite pick above. Obviously not so much for kids, as the above would probably scare a young kid. To rehash the news from the WLF page on the event.

Los Angeles (April 27, 2012) — Celebrate magic this May as the MY LITTLE PONY Project 2012 kicks off its highly-anticipated exhibition in Los Angeles with a series of sparkling events presented by Hasbro’s MY LITTLE PONY brand, We Love Fine, the LA based design firm, Mighty Fine, and Sweet Streets, a firm representing artists who specialize in the kawaii movement.

A promenade of iconic pony delights for fans of all ages, the three-week multi-dimensional event series debuts on Saturday, May 5 and will run during the month of May with an assortment of family-friendly activities, including an art exhibition, pop-up shop, scavenger hunt, screenings, Family Day and more.

On May 12th there will be a screening of MLP:FiM at The Silent Movie Theater in LA from Noon to 3pm. Guests of honor will include Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman and Cathy Weseluck. Also seems one of the reporters from The Round Stable will be at the event, so someone in the media will have an up front and personal look at the exhibit. Links to the MLPNews article and of course WeLoveFine’s page on the event just below.

My Little Pony News Preview of the MLP Project

WeLoveFine’s page on the event

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    These are delightfully creepy, but still kind of cute XD I want to see more of them. =3