MLPOnline: Development Snapshot 4/10/12

The team over at MLPonline have recently just released a development snapshot which features the function of their MMO, which is actually a double duty game, an online MMO and then a single player game. It features battling, stats and all the fun stuff you find in an RPG. We have a full write up and the video after the page break.

It was also announced by Equestria Gaming at the end of March that the MLPonline Team has a set a release date for their single player version (entitled Episode 1) to be at the Summer Bronycon at the end of June.

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The one thing I will note is rumors that MLPonline and Legends of Equestria are in competition with each other. I know in general both teams, and no. Both groups are developing different style games. While LoE features a full blown 3d world, MLPonline has generally been a 2d adventure, though I see in this release they are mixing it up with some 3d environments, while also keeping what I call “the old school” feel, as if its a game from the Genesis or Playstation era.

The video features your RPG basics, and of course graphics. In general characters are 2d sprites. There is a stat system setup in which you will add points to different “elements of harmony”, with each element obviously increasing or decreasing certain character stats. In general reminds me of the Fallout stat system (I’m a really old 2nd edition AD&D player, so I’m not sure if they do this in 3.5 or whatever version Hasbro is on).

Then we are shown the Pony Creator, in which you’ll of course create your character. You pick the tail, mane, eyes, with the usual custom color options, and there are clothing and such. The manes and tails have a long list of presets, basically all the hair styles you see in the show (tails too).

Still plenty of bugs to crush. Up next we are shown the prototypes for personal inventory, shopkeepers and trading items. We also see the dialogue system in work, you’re classic Pic of Character + Text with Reply Options as seen in many games. We also see our journal, which I would call your character menu. From the looks of things, there is a section for magical spells, a bestiary and recipes. This is also the screen in which you’ll select quests from and such.

The battle system is turn based and I’m assuming ‘cut scene’ like other RPGs (best reference FF6). Battle Menu for Twilight features Attack, Defend, Skills, Items, Run and Autofight. Not seen in this snapshot, the battlefield is built from 2d sprites on a 3d field, and will have a dynamic camera (so like FF7 in a way) that will pan and zoom on attacks. When you win, its your typical exiting battle screen that shows any items gained, and of course experience points gained.

They also featured what appears to be 3d environments. Its not really explained (or have I researched into it) but I’m assuming the general gaming world is going to be 2d sprite style, though there will be parts that will have a 3d (in house built) world, such as inside buildings, or certain area and dungeons. 2d cut scenes were featured quickly, not sure if they plan on using the 3d environment for any.

Shaping up, some might question the single player release date, but a ton of late nights and red bull and you can accomplish much code wise.

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