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Ok, sounds like a joke to me right now. This really would be a terrible idea. But still, enough people complained about the forced pony trolls that he’s actively thinking about doing something about it.

There were jokes about it being merged with /vp/ or maybe making a /ca/rtoons board. I’ll keep you updated if I hear something

Remember, when you see an idiot trying to force pony hate by spamming pictures or using a trip on an unrelated board; report, sage and hide the thread. Only you can shut these idiots up.

the land behind the break is a desolate wasteland where mortals dare tread, only the biggest of fools would step foot behind those sacred walls. Here be opinions

Now, we all know that a /pony/ board would be the worst thing possible and it’s pretty much sure that they would go forward with a /ca/ board before a /pony/ board. BUT, because the /co/ guys can’t get along with anyone they refuse to meddle with the /b/ pony general folk. In which the problem lies. There is FiMChan and Ponychan, no one wants to go to either of those for some reason. FiMChan is run by pureblood /co/ Pony General guys, I really don’t know why you can’t all pack up and just start using it. If everyone in the general threads move over it wouldn’t be so.. ghost-towny. But no, I get it. 4chan is like walmart. “God forbid if we have to put effort into going somewhere else for better quality products, we have all we need right there!” /sarcasm. (Ok, I understand the ease of access for new blood because a small community will grow and things will stagnate… wait)

But we shall see what happens, I would almost put money on /ca/ opening up but you know that they will force all ponies onto there and you will have to breathe the same air as the riff-raff. We get it, you’re the best around. Just get back to discussing ponies already will ya?


  • 8ftmetalhead

    jeez haven’t been to 4chan in yonks. Never did really find anything particularly amusing there mind you. Wallpaper and info threads were pretty cool, in amongst all the spam.

  • Hoppip

    I remember reading something else recently saying that he was mostly just sick of people complaining about them all the time and filling up his inbox with shit like that

    A /pony/ board wouldn’t do jackshit – I’d imagine the avatarfags and the derailers, the ones who cause most of the problems, would completely ignore it, and everyone else would just be shoved into a board that’ll get worse than /vp/. Since I came from /vp/, I… really don’t want to go back to something like that.

    Also fimchan? More like futachan amirite

  • I don’t understand 4chan at all.

    I’m okay with that!

  • Anonymous

    The features of 4chanX make the user experience in the MLPG much better than any alternative. Going to fimchan would be a step backwards, and ponychan is obviously out of the question.

    • Anonymous

      Okay, seriously, what is so bad about ponychan? There’s no smut lying about every where, it’s not on fourchan, and they seem to actually discus the show on their /pony/ board. Will someone please say WHY pony chan is bad instead of going ‘oh that ponychan place’.

      • Anon

        All the different factions were kind of against each other from the start anyway. /co/ vs /b/ vs somethingawful
        Back when it first started up ponychan was pretty decent. I cant really put it into word but, to me, the user base started strong, (during 4chan bannings), but just got worse and worse over time. The demographic just seemed to change from decent anons and some trip friends, to myspace/facebook kids, who didnt/dont understand the difference between an imageboard and a forum or between an imageboard and a social network.

      • Really, nothing, difference in community and difference in opinions. Its about the same as Southern US States hating the Northern US States, cause we’re damn yankee (and kicked their asses in the civil war).

      • Fett101

        Okay, seriously, what is so bad about ponychan? There’s no smut lying about every where, i

        You just answered your own question.

      • Anonymous

        >tripfriends, tripfriends everywhere
        >Horrible OC recolors of the mane six.
        >Horrible Mods
        >Horrbile threads in general.
        The Place used to be pretty cool last year but now it’s a circlejerk of casuals.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I read this, and all I can think is, “Who cares, seriously?”

    • Anonymous

      I second this

  • Anonymous

    I’ve recently given /pony/ on Ponychan another chance. It’s actually not all that bad. I can’t speak for /oat/ or any of the other boards, but on /pony/, there’s a lot of decent show discussion, plenty of anon posters, and very little of the drama that people seem to think is the entirety of Ponychan.

  • Ponyfan

    uh. Why in the hell would anyone WANT to go to that website?

    4chan is the biggest repository of internet garbage there is. Pony or no pony, 4chan is a godawful place for anyone to be. Adding a pony board there, is one of the most useless things i’ve ever heard.

    Go to a place to discuss ponies that is soulless, unwelcoming, full of hatred, hostile, full of stupid people, and tests every ounce of your patience to be? What kind of self-respecting pony fan would look at that as a possible destination and say “Well, sign me up!”??

    Just let that place strew in it’s negativity, obscurity and irrelevance and stick to better places online to spend your time.

    • Anonymous

      Im not going to say 4chan is great, or even good, but without 4chan, none of the brony phenomenon would have happend.

      So for as much as people love to shit on it, we wouldnt be here talking ponies if not for 4chan

    • Anonymous

      4chan is actually not as bad as you make it out to be. It’s not for people who get easily offended or upset by stupid people though. Since there *is* plenty of that.

      But, looking past that, it’s by far the fastest moving imageboard and crazy, new stuff is always being produced (yes, despite lots of reposts and copypasta, there is lots of new stuff too)

      I personally don’t see an issue with creating a /pony/ board on 4chan. It would be interesting to say the least. I mean, moot was specifically asking for suggestions which is an extremely rare occurrence so if anything seeing some changes to 4chan could freshen things up a bit there.

    • Anonymous

      I wish people would stop taking /b/ as the whole of 4chan. Their is plenty of stuff that goes on that is useful and isn’t shit posts. Besides we wouldn’t have the fandom that we have now if it wasn’t for that place.

      • Anonymous

        >I wish people would stop taking /b/ as the whole of 4chan.

        and I wish everyone would stop taking /oat/ and /chat/ as the whole of Ponychan, but we all don’t get what we want, huh sugar tits?

    • Supertide

      4chan is not meant for sensitive people who think the internet should work like real life. If you want to tell some annoying, whiny idiot to ‘fuck off’ you can just go ahead and do it and get away with it.
      This is what you call ‘negativity’ but it is not. It only feels negative to people who allow themselves to be hurt by nameless strangers on the internet. The opinions and slurs of internet denizens doesn’t matter because they have no impact on your real life.
      The reason why I can’t tolerate ponychan is because the mods force you to be nice to everyone, even to the biggest, most annoying tools.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe how bad the fandom is becoming… to the point that people don’t know where it all originated.
      I wish it all stayed in 4chan, we had so much fun when we started the fandom.. now it’s just like trollface or nyancat, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon, but worst of all is that most of them don’t even know where it all originated (just read Know your Meme for fuck’s sake).

      Also, we’re proud of our “bad” reputation amongst the 90% of the internet, because that actually BENEFITS us as a protective barrier against most of the cancer that’s spread amongst the internet (even though we have A LOT of cancer still).
      On a last note, /b/ is full of cancer so don’t compare that with the rest of 4chan, please.

  • Mezkalito

    Reading comments like: “I don’t care, why would anyone want to go to that website” is a pain in the ass, do you guys know where this phenomenon was born? Tell me a better place than /co/ to discuss the show.

    I really think moot was just trolling, the pony fandom in 4chan is not THAT big to have its own board (IMHO).

    Anyway, let’s just wait…

  • Anonymous

    Funny, I could’ve sworn the site name was ‘’, not ‘’.

    Some people like some sites more than other. Quit bitching. You know damn well why we refuse to go to ponychan, and fimchan may seem to be pureblood /co/ but it takes all of two minutes looking through the boards to see that most of the people posting there aren’t /co/ regulars.

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  • Anonymous

    i like ponychan…. derpysquad doesn’t like ponychan? this is news to me

  • vagrant comrade

    /pony/ is a thing now. A couple of months from now it’ll just permabann everyone there. Callingvit

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