More POP Figure Prototypes


Not to be confused with Funko Pop! figures, these are the figures that we’e seen some concept artwork of. USA Today got a nice press release about them, but says more info will be see at the Toy Fair.1391518994000-ponybuild3

The figures have printed-on cutie marks and stylized eyes, with holes for manes, tails and wings. It’s like customizing your figures without using any actual art skills.1391519047000-pony-rain

You can really go all-out with these using the included accessories and stickers. You can make your own deviantART original character!1391519088000-pony-zecora

For some reason Zecora is included, with her own show-accurate jewelery and not at all accurate hair.1391519136000-pony-rarityRarity stuck a fork into an electrical socket. Every pony comes with wing holes, but unicorn horns are attached to the pony itself. In theory you should be able to snap together Rarity’s left with Pinkie’s right and stick in Rainbow’s wings and Zecora’s hair. Slap on a bunch of stickers and you can really make a ton of different characters. USA Today listed off most of the Mane 6 as future toys, but we know that Cadence and Zecora are going to be included, so it’s possible that they’ll make a bunch of different kinds of characters.



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