Two seperate toys that are related. First is the Mrs. Cake set. With “Mrs. Dazzle Cake” and “Twirly Treats,” children can make plastic treats with the included plastic tools that clip onto legs. The set is part of Crystal Princess Celebration, but there’s no listed price or release date.

The line is expected to be released in the fall of 2013, with playsets like this being under $20. You can find the Amazon page here. It’s not up for preorder, but there is the “official” description of the product.

Thanks to both anon and luxrayx for shooting this to my inbox.

Next is a Mr. Cake blind bag figure found on Taobao by Luxrayx on the MLP Arena. He and the Mrs. Cake blind bags will be part of a deluxe miniature collection of 5 figures, presumably with the baby cakes and perhaps Pinkie Pie. The release date is assumed to be around fall as well.

  • Anonymous

    and here i thought there will be only mrs cake blind bag toy.

    wave 9 , come to me! NOW

  • Bubblegum

    Nice to see some love for the Cakes?
    Also…since when was Twilight a crystal Princess? That’s kind of random, considering she’s staying in Ponyville. Maybe she just wants to upsurp Cadance’s position ;)

    • Bubblegum

      Darn, I accidentally put an exclamation mark at the end of my first sentence. My comment about the Cake family love is in fact sincere :P

  • Jody Morgan

    Mrs. “Drizzle” Cake? Does the toy division even pay attention to the show?

    I suppose this could be retconned as having her full name be Drizzle Cup Cake; heaven knows I wouldn’t want to go by “Drizzle”…

    • Jody Morgan

      OK, replace “Drizzle” with “Dazzle” in my comment, which is marginally better, but still frustratingly inaccurate.