While we have slowly drawn the curtain on general fan creative pieces, fan animation remains one of my personal favorite.  Up for your consideration for this edition of Muffin Theater is an almost 5 minute video animated by Alstiff.  Due to being mobile I have not watched the whole thing, but the other staff members have enjoyed it.

Video after the page break.

  • Anonymous

    Why “drawn the curtain”?
    Is that the reason why you guys closed down LyraHeartstrings.com without notice?

    • Both can be chalked up to lack of help. No one bothers with submissions here, so to cover music, art etc requires someone who pays attention to those genres. We’ve tried to find people but it never works out. If we did, at a minimum I would run weekly articles on art and music.

      LHS actually had been idle with a notice on the front page for a good two months. The domain went down because we didn’t bother renewing the domain. Again, lack of staff, so we put all efforts into DHN.