Music Wrap-Up! Music Wrap-Up! #1

Hello, Everyone!

Some of you may remember the weekly Musical Interlude series from a while back–well, it’s back, with a new name and a new author!

This is the first Music Wrap-Up! Music Wrap-Up!, and also something of an announcement!

I want to hear all the pony music you’re into right now. I want to hear every single note of it. I want to write in italics about it! So, submit music using the submit button on the right side, or submit at Lyra Heartstrings  and you’ll probably see the music you like show up in this list!

I will be playing a little bit of catch-up with all the awesome music all over Lyra Heartstrings, so follow past the break for some excellent tunes!

Daniel Ingram – A True True Friend (Sim Gretina Remix)

Applejack’s part in this is one of the best pieces of music I’ve ever heard, but the entire thing is pretty freakin’ fantastic.

TheDashDub – Never Alone feat. Feather

An original work about Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo. Just adorable and and sweet in every way, I love this song. Isn’t the variety of music in this fandom astounding?

MrBeatnikSoul – Tribute to Meghan McCarthy (Mrs. Robinson Parody)

“Scoot Scoot-aloo, Ms. McCarthy.” An amazing song for an amazing writer.

Silva Hound – Hooves Up High feat. Rina-Chan (Dj Gestap Trance Remix)

Gotta love the vocals on this! The combination of Rina-chan’s vocals, SilvaHound’s sound, and DJ Gestap’s remix skills is simply awesome.

That’s something I love about this community. Talented people work together to create amazing things, much like the creators of the show!

Is there something you want on this list? Submit it to us! I look forward to seeing all the music you guys have to offer! And if you desire to get some great music everyday, go check out Lyra Heartstrings! Till next week, everyone!

  • Music! Ah, you are looking at the month of February. 8^) I’m not too keen on Sim Gretina’s take on A True True Friend, but I am keen on PonyFireStone’s variation of Sim Gretina’s Where Rich Ponies Go. What I would like would be that song sung without autotune by a Vangelis range vox. Sim Gretina also warbles about Scootaloo, and in February, Steve47324’s take on Small Wings was one of my few favorites. For a song featuring Feather, my recent favorite dates back to January: Until the Sun (Replacer &I). I’m still looking for a Hooves Up High version that grabs me. 8^)

    So much talent! So much interaction! It makes for a lot of music to go through (I still haven’t finished listening to February and December).

    • Blue Ink

      Jeez, I know! So much great music! Thank you for the awesome suggestions, I’ll definitely be looking into them!