Music Wrap-Up! Music Wrap-Up! #3


Hello all!

And here we are! Music Wrap-Up number 3! I love the submissions ya’ll are sending!

Luxumbra – Shift

This song really stands out for its remarkable amount of chill.

Sherclop Pones + SoGreatandPowerful – 40 Winks

An interesting piece, to say the least. The lyrics excellently reflect those long nights we all sometimes have.

“all the townsfolk, they are fast asleep
chasing memories or just counting sheep
but I don’t need it. I don’t think so. I’m not crazy. I don’t think so”

Replacer – Subterranean Pegasus Blues (Bob Dylan Cover)

Bob Dylan and ponies?! Why hasn’t this happened earlier?

Yourenigma – I Know I’ll Make it Through

So jealous of those who get to see Yourenigma at Big Apple Ponycon! I love how this song starts awesome and succeeds in building up more awesomness throughout.


And that’s all for me! For those of you at BAP, have loads of fun and hear a bunch of sweet tunes.

Please feel free to submit your favorite pony music to either LyraHeartstrings or on the sidebar here at Derpy Hooves news!

Until next week, keep thyself stocked on pony tunes with LyraHeartstrings! Be seeing you!

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