Music Wrap-Up! Music Wrap-Up! #6

Hello again, everyone! Here are some more slick pony tunes for your listening pleasure.

Seventh Element – The Terrible Two (Pony Time Remix)

This remix is fantastic. It expands on the original work in a creative and engaging way while keeping the theme and tone. Pony Time has some excellent tunes that I would definitely recommend checking out!

The DashDub – Luna’s Night

I usually try not to put two instrumanetals in one Wrap-Up, but both this song and Sprocket Doggingsworth’s piece below really called out to be shared. If you’re not the type to listen to instrumentals, I would suggest giving both of these a shot – they are both excellent on the ear, if allowed to sink in, and really aid reflection on the ponies on which they are based.

Archie & Silva Hound – Rosa (Club Mix)

This song’s energy is fantastic, and most certainly contains the same amount of vigor as the pony it was based on! While Club Mixes can be repetitive (and this one is no exception), the excellent melody and fair amount of originality more than make up for it.

Sprocket Doggingsworth – My Sister and Me (Ragtime Hip-Hop Pony Jazz)

Firstly, RAGTIME. HIP-HOP. PONY. JAZZ. Who wouldn’t want to at least give that a listen? Secondly, I really didn’t think that one piece could really have those genres without being overwhelming–but this one pulls it off. The amount of originality in this piece is refreshing and covers the childhood of Luna of Celestia. It’s something to keep in mind while listening.

And that’s it from me this week! Thanks for listening everyone and, as always, check out LyraHeartstrings.comthroughout the week for more pony music and entertainment. Till next week, be seeing you!

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