Musical Interlude #10


by Shelmo69

A day late(I’m sorry T_T) but here it is! Your weekly digest of new pony music!

Songs coming up after the break!

First up!

Mommy’s Still Pretty – Belgerum


Belgerum wrote this creepy piano piece after being inspired by an “Ask ______” blog focused around an insane Rarity. It starts off slow and gradually speeds up into a flurry of disharmonic notes. It’s a nice little piece. And the blog is rather good too(But I’m a fan of horror, so that’s your discretion).

Blog that inspired him:


Second up!

Element of Magic – DJ Majaro

Some Twilight Sparkle trance! I really like this, this is Trance executed at its best. A simple catchy melody, with a relaxing pad chord progression. Not overly repetitive, but not all over the place. Definitely worth a listen.


And next…

Shadow of a Flower – StormWolf

A Cherilee song! Reminds me a lot of Beyond her Garden, which is one of my favorite pony songs in existence. Catchy vocoded vocal melody, with a heavy bass line, it’s all around musicy goodness!




H8_Seed – Neverending Strife (Silva Hound Remix)

A remix of one of my favorite pony songs, where the original was fast and hard, Silva Hound slows it down, and does a great job of it. Sweeping pads and vocals give the song an entirely different feel.


And finally!

It’s About Time AcousticBrony! -_- (Pinkie Pie’s Theme) – AcousticBrony

It’s finally here! Best pony finally gets her own theme from AcousticBrony. For those of you who haven’t heard one of their themes before, they take bits and pieces from the ponies singing parts in various songs(just the melody, not the vocals), and a bit of their own original stuff, and mix it together to make musical goodness. Give it a click. You know you want to. Aren’t you excited? I’m excited.


And that’s it for this week! As always, you can send any music suggestions for next week by clicking the submit box, email me directly at [email protected], or send me a message on my youtube account here. Till next week!





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