Musical Interlude #15

By Avalcron

Hiya everyone, Daymare here with this weeks musical interlude, the “I need a new modem cause this one loses internet for days” edition! Songs after the break as always!

First up!


RainbowCrash has released the 8bit version of the Smile song. There’s also a version up without vocals. I don’t think it makes much of a different though, as the only vocals he included was Pinkie Pie greeting the towns ponies.




A rainbow dash inspired song, with what sounds like hints of winter wrap up in there, it has a very upbeat feel and I can picture RBD flying around to it.


And Third!



Radiarc with what he calls a sadder remake of canterlot castle. It’s a really pretty piece of music, and he only used 6 vocal samples to make it!




Omnipony has a new song out called Poni Robots! It’s pretty much the norm for him, a mix of electro dubstep with glitched up pony samples. Also for those of you interested in collabing with him, take a look at this post.



And another!



Another Smile remix! This one by The Living Tombstone, who is awesome as always. Seems like a lot of remixes of Smile got put out all at once. Not that I’m complaining.



Here’s a jazzy remix of beyond your garden by Peak Freak. And yes, he knows he messed up the lyrics, so no need to further point it out, it sounds pretty good otherwise!


Yet another(Last one I promise)!



A rock cover of Becoming Popular by ClaireAnneCarr. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always technically impressed with anyone who can do a good cover/remix of this song, as the meter in it is just…weird.




And that’s it for this week! Keep an eye out next week, as I’m going to change the scheme of the interlude to be more ergonomic and organized! As always, you can send any music suggestions for next week by clicking the submit box, email me directly at [email protected], or send me a message on my youtube account here. Till next week!