Musical Interlude #16(Bigger and better)

By Dashbloom

Heya everyone! Daymare here with the music of the week! Now in a more organized and expanded fashion. Let me know what you think! Music after the break!

Vocal Music-

Peak Freak with a song about Crackle, the greatest and most ferocious dragon who has ever lived. It’s quite a nice song.


AcousticBrony with a song about toothpaste!


I mean ponies.


MandoPony with a…sappy love song…about Pinkie Pie.



Aviator’s and Omnipony with a song about Discord! Well about a comic about discord. So it’s fan-music of a fan-comic…? Don’t really know how that works. It’s good music though.


Another MandoPony song, this one about Sweet Apple Acres! His music genre range continues to astound me.


Aviators featuring again, this time with Bronified, in a rock song about Rose(or Roseluck, your preference)

Non-Vocal Music-

YourEnigma with another beautifully orchestrated pony inspired arrangement. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe he plays the piano parts himself.


MHM with a fluttershy…glitch…dubstep…just listen to it.




Remixes/Covers of non-show music

A remix of Flutterwonder! Trancey and atmospheric, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this song remixed in every style now. Except…death metal. Can any one find a death metal flutterwonder remix?


Art attack did an awesome remix of Tombstone’s song, “Like a spinning record”


Remixes/Covers of Show music-

A very pretty piano arrangement of singing telegram. Give it a bit if it’s not instantly recognizable.



And that’s it for this week! Hope you liked the new format! As always, you can send any music suggestions for next week by clicking the submit box, email me directly at [email protected], or send me a message on my youtube account here. Till next week!



  • Awesome music!
    And yay! My piano Arrangement made it to the list!

  • RoboPlop

    Excellent selection!
    I don’t always check out music posts, but I was not disappointed with this one. You’ve got a good ear, Daymare.

    • Daymare

      Why thank you! :D I certainly try my best.