By Iamthegreatlyra

Why is it super? Because I say it is! Pony music after the break.

Vocal music:

I’m honestly not sure where to put this, but it has samples from SSCS6000, so I’ll put it in vocals. I feel like this is what that entire episode would be like, after way too much cider.


For you Final Fantasy fans, Derpy de Chocobo. This fanbase is…odd.


Assertive Fluttershy dubstep. I know it’s been done before, but I’m not tired of it yet.


An epic song about ponies…and space…and adventure…and space adventure! Be warned, it is 17 minutes long.


An acoustic live performance of Loyalty by AcousticBrony


A song by Aviator’s about Fluttershy getting over her fear of flying


MandoPony song about Photo Finnish. No accents unfortunately.  Still De Magicz.

Non-Vocal music:

What seems to be Spitfire and Rainbow Dash playing guitar against each other. The person actually behind the guitar is pretty good, and the music fits the ponies personalities pretty well.


A song about Fluttershy…in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Soon to be an episode.


Country DnB? I dunno it sounds good though. And it has Braeburn in it, which makes it 10x manlier.

Show music remixes/covers:

Cover of Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 by coconeru. This song is catchy enough that someone completely tonedeaf could sing it and still sound good, but he actually has a nice a voice, so it makes it even BETTER.


The MLP theme mixed with Still Alive from Portal…because.


A cover of Winter Wrap-Up, one so good that Daniel Ingram actually posted it on his facebook page. It’s pretty amazing.


An 8bit remix  of Becoming Popular by SimGretina, very upbeat with lots of energy.


Now you can pony-roll people!

Non-show music remixes/covers:

A remix of Year of the Dragon by DJ Poniver.


A metal medley of bunches and bunches of fan music. It’s extremely awesome.


A General Mumble remix of Pink Party Machine


A live cover of Sunshine and Celery Stalks by Mandopony.

A remix of Year of the Dragon by DJ Poniver.

  • derpymaths

    oh noes! the embeds… they’re all gone… i really wanted to hear that choco de derpy song again b4 work. what a hilarious and catchy tune

    • The embeds have been restored. :-)