Musical Interlude #21 The Youtube is working again edition!

by Empty10

Let’s celebrate a flash based website actually working like it’s supposed to! Yeah!


Songs after the break!

Vocal Music:

AndTheRainfall’s song about Twilight’s first few nights in Ponyville.


A fantastic song by H8_Seed and WoodenToaster that’s kind of a sequel to rainbow factory.

A song about Trixie…having…an existential crisis

Non-Vocal Music:

General Mumble made Fluttershy(shocker) Dubstep!


Yourenigma with a Zecora themed instrumentation!


Radiarc with a Chrysalis battle theme, and might make more!


A summer song inspired by Vinyl Scratch!


Show Music Covers/Remixes:

Hanni with a remix of Love is in bloom, trance style!


A deep, baritone, manly cover of This Day Aria by BronyMike!

Non-Show Covers/Remixes:

A mash-up of…well…ALL the fanmusic


An orchestral remix of Eurobeat’s Luna!


And one of A Long way from Equestria!



&I’s remix of The Best Mare in Ponyville


A remix of fruits of her labor!

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