Musical Interlude #8

By Doggie999

Hey guys! First post in a while, and I’ve transferred over from DHS to here, where I will be bringing you 5 songs every week!
Songs coming up after the break!

First on the day…



Laughter song(Acoustic Cover) – MandoPony

MandoPony and his…I think that’s a ukulele, giving an upbeat cover of Pinkie Pie’s laughter song, or “Giggle at the Ghostie”, don’t really have much to say on this one, he plays and sings very nicely and it’s worth a listen!



Next up…

Impressions of Celestia’s Orgins – Makkon

Apparantly Makkon tried remixing the songs Celestia’s orgins, and gave up, writing the impression the song gave him instead. The result is fantastic, an epic instrumental musical tale that makes you feel like you’re flying over Equestria, watching it form. The song transcends genres, and deserves multiple listens.



And third…

Flutter-Bomb – TheMHMProductions


I don’t know what it is, but something about Fluttershy makes people want to use her for dubstep, maybe it’s her loud and aggressive personality. Where is the Rarity dubstep people, where is it? If someone can link me to some good Rarity Dubstep, it will make next weeks musical interlude. Anyway, rant aside, this is a catchy song, dubstep mixed with a catchy electro melody in the middle. It’s overall a very good song.

Seriously though people, Rarity or Applejack dubstep, give it to me.



Scootaloo’s Wings – JackleApp


Jackle uploaded a mastered version of one of his old toastbeard competition songs, departing from his usual style, it’s just him, a guitar, a thunderstorm, and lyrics about everyone’s favorite chicken trying to be like Rainbow Dash.


And lastly…


Neverending Strife – TheUlasht


A failed attempt at dubstep turned into something amazing, with Ulasht’s “Electro step” song about Discord, with a catchy vocal melody with fitting lyrics, catchy music, and a sick beat, you won’t be able to help but think of this song whenever you see Discord after you listen to it.



And that’s it for this week! As always you can submit music suggestions for me in one of three ways: Click the submissions button, email me directly at [email protected] or send me a message on my youtube here. Also I’m going to start polling for what people’s favorite songs of the post are, but I dunno how to do that yet, so just tell me what your favorite was in the comments!

Till next time, enjoy the music, and keep making it!

  • Kliff

    Awesome selection! o/

  • black jack

    So much talent out there! ^_^ Makes me want to try making a pony remix.

    • Daymare

      Go for it! If it’s good enough I’ll feature you :D