Musical interlude #9

Back 2 Back by *Don-KomandoRR

Good morning everyone! Daymare here today with this weeks musical interlude! Lots of songs this week, coming up after the break!

First on the day…


My Bad(Derpy Dubstep) – Guitarskills2

It was only a matter of time before the shower of Derpy songs came in. Here’s one in the style of more traditional dubstep, without the expected wobble everywhere. I like the minimal aspect to it, he doesn’t try to do too much, and it sounds very nice overall.




The Hard Way – Apex

Here’s a song for those of you who like Gabba(an electronic style similar to hardstyle and jumpstyle) . This impressed me, because it’s very easy to make a song in this style that’s just obnoxious, but everything is just the right volume, and it’s not overly repetitive, plus it has Rainbow Dash, who is like the epitome of hardcore.




(Power Metal)Winter Wrap Up – Cyril

Here’s a nice little cover of Winter Wrap Up, complete with guitars, drums, and vocals. I’m surprised we haven’t gotten more covers like this, especially considering Winter Wrap Up is one of the most popular songs from the series.




Hush Now(Don’t go to bed remix) – Princess Addictia

A very relaxing remix of a very relaxing song. Well done liquid DnB with some vocal glitching. Transitions well from part to part, and the piano interlude in the middle is beautiful.





Weather Control – Kryptage

This deserves more than 19 views. This song has a bit of everything, starts out as trance and flows smoothly between a handful of electronic styles, plus that lead synth will be stuck in your head for a while.




Tonight – Aviators

And we have here a song from Aviators about the best pony, Vinyl Scratch. The song’s about partying, forever, which I’m ok with. Reminds me a bit of 80’s soft rock actually, gave me impressions along the lines of Soft Cell(The guys who did ‘Tainted love’ to those who don’t know), anyway, it’s a catchy piece of music.
Alright! That’s it for this week, as always, send me suggestions in the comments, hit the submit button, email me at [email protected], or send me a message on my youtube here.


Cheers and happy listening!

  • Black Jack the unicorn

    Wow! Another nice compilation! Thanks for the great tunes, and good job everypony. There’s a lot of creativity out there.

  • That Weather Control song only has 39 views?

    This saddens me slightly.