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501 & 502 – “The Cutie Map”

Written by: Scott Sonneborn & M.A. Larson
The Mane 6 arrive in a village to solve a friendship problem and find out that everyone in the village has given up their cutie marks. / The Mane 6 have their Cutie Marks taken and must find a way to get them back from the pony who took them.

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  • This year I’m just going to post the LD links to the comment section.

    So far we have a 240 stretchable to 720 from DrPinkehPie.


  • Frith.dreamwidth.org

    Sweet! Thanks for the video, and the transcripts are very handy for my write-up!

  • BlueBoomPony

    Is it me or did MLP do a shout out the The Prisoner? Glimmer says let me show you the village, and goes into a song with music really reminiscent of that old TV show.

  • Michael

    Thank you very much for both the rips and the transcripts! ^_^