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507 – “Make New Friends But Keep Discord”

Written by: Natasha Levinger
After finding out that Fluttershy is taking a new friend to the Grand Galloping Gala instead of him, Discord goes to extreme lengths to show that it doesn’t bother him.

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 507 – Make… by spazzdh

  • Wow, that episode blew my expectations away! Fantastic. On EQD I’m already seeing complaints of deus ex machina, and yeah, the ending was a bit silly, but who cares? This episode had an excellent story, contained so many great lines, and gave a whole new dimension (pun intended) to Discord’s character. Now get those streams uploaded, I need to watch it again!

    • Frith.dreamwidth.org

      I liked that the Smooze got to schmooze at the GGG. But the premise that the Mane Six would invite fillies to something that they knew from past experience to be unutterably boring is a mite hard to swallow.

      Princess Celestia finally appears, but again as somepony who invites troublemakers to liven up the dull GGG and who is powerless to do more than wave and raise the sun.

  • Phil


    How come there are no download links for this episode?