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514 – “Canterlot Boutique”

Written by: Amy Keating Rogers
Rarity’s dream of owning a boutique in Canterlot finally comes true, but it comes at a price Rarity may not be willing to pay.

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  • JakRZS

    You want to know how I can be sure about the quality of an episode before it airs? With its synopsis. If the synopsis sound interesting, the episode will be great, if it doesn’t sound interesting, the episode will be forgettable. Tanks For the Memories synopsis was interesting and the episode was great, Princess Spike was not interesting and then the episode was avarage, and this one…. WAS interesting and it WAS great! AAAAWWWW YEAH! Once again Amy Rogers did an amazing job… I’m gonna miss her…. anyway, since the next two episodes’ synopsises sound interesting, I’m sure they’ll be great as well! WOHOHOHOHOH!…. Uhhhhh sorry for my entusiasm. ^^”