608 – “A Hearth’s Warming Tail”

Written by: Michael Vogel
Starlight Glimmer has a case of the holiday blues, so Twilight tries to help cure her by reading one of her favorite Hearth Warming’s Eve stories, “A Hearth’s Warming Tale.”

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  • Gato 257

    starlight glim is incredible

  • Frith

    Well… That was interesting. A mash up of How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Charles Dickens. I liked the Snape pony cameo. The ghost of Hearth’s future was nice and spooky. I think ghost the Present had a good song and Ghost the Future had a good vibe. Otherwise, if Starlight Glimmer didn’t buy the Windigo story the first time, why is she buying this one? It looks like she didn’t buy into the story, just the plot elements of it’s not the gift, it’s the sentiment.

    • Raffaele Lanza

      Because the story told about a pony who felt like her. That’s why Twilight told that story because she knew it would have made her feel better. And it worked!

      • Frith

        Ah. That ‘you are so much like so and so, you should be best buddies!’ line never worked on me, although it did look like the other party thought it was a fantastic revelation.

  • Jaume

    a spoof of Christmas tale just before summer…