704 – “Rock Solid Friendship”

Written by: Nick Confalone
Pinkie Pie does everything she can to make sure her sister, Maud, sees that Ponyville has more to offer than just rocks.

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  • This was a great episode some nice character development for Maud and Starlight is quickly growing on me I’m not sure she’s a member of the mane seven so will have to wait and see.

    • Raffaele Lanza

      I’m wondering if writers are planning to do a new Mane 6 group with Starlight as leader. With her, Trixie and Maud we are at 3 out 6. We just need another Earth Pony and a couple of pegasi.

      • I don’t know but that’ll be an interesting idea. It’s so early in the season that it’s hard to make predictions so as the season progresses the development of Starlight will be probably be a focus.

      • Antonio Benitez

        Vapor Trail would be the next Fluttershy

  • Graem

    Good stuff this episode. Starlight’s really grown on me as the more anti-exuberant “human” character I felt the show desperately needed to keep a balance of tone and defend against becoming saccharine. This was the perfect character grouping. Also glad that Maud’s character was kept in tact and further validated.

  • Antonio Benitez

    About the Episode:
    + More character development for Maud Pie and Starlight Glimmer

    + Topic about taking big decisions for the future.
    – My gosh Pinkie never shuts up!