718 – “A Health of Information”

Written by: Sammie Crowley, Whitney Wetta
While helping Fluttershy gather supplies, Zecora comes down with a terrible disease called Swamp Fever; even though a cure has not been discovered, Fluttershy mkes it her mission to heal Zecora no matter what it takes.

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  • Frith

    Well, it was interesting. Fluttershy is blasting assertiveness on all speakers, Twilight has forgotten how to solve research puzzles, a becoming a tree isn’t as shiny as it used to be.


    How many of those swamp trees are ex-ponies or other transformed vertebrates? What became of Meadowbrook? Is this the same Meadowbrook of the eight enchanted items mentioned in The Cutie Map?

    • Frith

      Hello me! Why yes, it probably is. The next issue of the Legends series of comic books is going to be about “Mage Meadowbrook” and it has a picture of the bee-masked pony from this episode on the cover!

      • Frith

        Oh wow, me! That’s so fascinating! How did you become so intelligent? And good looking too?

        • Frith

          Fresh rolled oats and linseed hulls. It’s the breakfast of champions! It’s what The Natural Equinerer magazine says Fleetfoot eats before every race.