806 – “Surf and/or Turf”

Written by: Brian Hohlfeld
With family members on Mount Aris and Sea Pony relatives in Seaquestria, the Cutie Mark Crusaders try to help a young Hippogriff figure out where he belongs.

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  • Frith.dreamwidth.org

    Oh wow that was bad. It was like watching the Filmation cartoon drudge from the 1980’s. A divorced parent theme is a tough subject, but this episode felt really shallow.

  • Graem

    Yeah this is the one I remember that made me dread the season before it came out.
    It’s real bad. So, so bad. No real soul to it, awful dialogue writing (everything has to have exclamations!), questionable animation decisions, and so much more. Very difficult to sit through.

  • Generic Avatar

    Spazz, Daily Motion seems to be deleting new MLP show uploads that are at 1080p resolution. I would suggest uploading a maximum of 720p.