MLP – Mark on the World
by ~DShou

Well if you’ve read this in the past week or more, I do apologize, as said we’re behind in certain areas due to my vacation. Back around the end of the month the people behind the MLP App for Windows Phones sent in an update.

The new additions to the app are:
  • – EverFree Radio
  • – Celestia Radio
  • – Bronyville Podcast
  • – In-App-Browser: Share Function, Additional Navigation for PonySquare/Cloudsdale, Exit Confirmation
  • – Facebook
  • – “Yay Button” and instant “Eeyup”

For more updates, you can check the [Change Log] here, they current have some information on the additions for V1.3.

Download the app for free: Here.

You can also go over to YouTube here and watch the updated video on this phone.

  • Anonymous

    this is really cool! wonder if they will make an android version?

    • Unfortunately if you look at the change notes from V1.3, they have listed possible ports to iOS and Android, but at the moment has been rejected for at least that update. I’m hoping they do.

      For android users, you can look up an app we featured many months ago, its I think been renamed but its known now as the “Parasprite Free” app, has somewhat the same functions. I haven’t looked at it since the update as they want you to sign up to their site.

    • Hi, I’m really sorry but there will not be an Android or iOS port due to the lack of experience in those Operating Systems, as well as the issue of fragmentation on Android which I’m not prepared to work out.

      I’m pleased to say that I’m working to get the app available on soon-to-come Windows 8, which would allow a far larger audience to enjoy the app in the future. Note that this app will also work on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 as well.

      For current Android users, the alternatives are “Parasprite” or “My Little Hub” which have some of the features in My Little Pony Portal.

  • Anonymous

    Can you make it for iPhone and iPod?