Well, the results are in. February comes to a close and that means Diamond Comics Publishing announces the sales figures for comics. So where do the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comics stand out this month?

The main series comic sold 43.5 thousand copies in the month of February beating out big name titles like Young Avengers #2 from Marvel and Green Arrow #17 from DC. Both of which are excellent books that should definitely be read along with the pony comic.

In addition, the micro-series first issue scores 34.4 thousand copies sold beating out DC’s two new titles, Katana and JLA’s Vibe, by approximately 7400 copies.

In addition, the Hot Topic combo pack sold 8,988 copies just making it into the top 200. So what does this mean for IDW Publishing?

Well since the comic has been selling so well, according to Bleeding Cool, IDW’s retail market share rose from 6.30% to 7.09% and their unit market share rose from 3.92% to 6.04% from January.

Let’s hope IDW can surpass Image comics as the Number three publisher in March.

  • JT

    I’d like to thank myself for contributing to these numbers, I think I did a really good job :D