My Little Pony Comic Sales Figures for March

Issue #4 Cover by Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts

Well, the results are in and all three of the My Little Pony comics released in March landed in the Top 100 in sales. But where exactly did they land?

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In March, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #4 sold around 41,500 copies and placed 55th on the Top 100, once again beating Young Avengers from Marvel and also newcomer Constantine from DC. Issue 5 sold near 36,300 copies to land in the 65th spot, beating such titles as Deadpool Killustrated and Green Arrow.


My Little Pony Stats 4

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The second issue of the micro-series featuring Rainbow Dash sold about 25,500 copies placing in the 91st spot, being edged out by Justice League Dark for the 90th spot.

This month, we have Issue #6 of the main series to look forward to which continues the Nightmare arc and Issue #3 of the Micro Series which places Rarity in a hippie commune.

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