Recently we’ve been talking to a friend of a friend who works for Enterplay, a trading card producing company. Just recently it has been announced that the company will be producing a MLP:FiM Trading Card line, as announced here in a news post from their website, along with a survey looking for fan input on the card line. From what we’ve heard, they want to appeal to us first, with the idea that if they make cards we live, the “primary demographic” will like them too. Go give them your thoughts. Remember these are Trading Cards and not a card game, though that probably won’t stop a fan from making one out of them.

  • This is amazing! I’ll get the Yugioh community on this!

  • Oatmeal

    Magic The Gathering! Magic The Gathering! Magic The Gathering!!
    I grew up playing that game and still do to this day with friends and family! If there were playable MLP MTG cards I would flip out and then buy them all. As would several of my friends. :O

    • Invisible Pink Unicorn

      In that case, I have good news for you: I have completed the first draft of a playable set two days ago, and you can download print sheets for testing here:

      The card you see above is an old version I posted on Ponibooru a long time ago. :)

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