My Little War Horse

As promised by the above tweet, MAD (the cartoon) popped another pony parody, featuring Twilight Sparkle’s VA, Tara Strong.
If you care to watch it, check it out after the break, along with a download.

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[Download | YouTube]

  • plaster


    • Fadflamer

      John Madden.

  • Anonymous

    That was cool. Felt a bit awkward at times becase I’m used to Twilight.

  • Anonymous

    video is screwy for me. anyone else?

  • Anonymous

    MAD is usually pretty hit and miss.

    And that remains true here. It has some good jokes, it has some jokes that fall short. I guess it’s cool that they’re in support of bronies though.

    I did like the “Fine, they’re not boring. They’re European.” line though.

  • Heh. This was a solid spoof of what MAD usually provides. I am honestly quite surprised that Tara Strong voiced one of the ponies.

    Not to mention that the word “bronies” was just televised on a show that gets at least a million viewers.

    I know not everyone is going to agree that this was good, but we have just obtained animation regarding MLPFiM. Love and tolerate this animation please ;)

  • Painless Wolf

    The shout out was completely cool. :o)

  • Anonymous

    that was kinda shit honestly…

  • Mason

    It was Decent. Better than the last pony parody they did, at least.

  • Fadflamer

    It felt a little flat, yet at the same time kinda solid.

  • daemonraccoon

    umm, what’s the big deal about a bronies shoutout? isn’t the entire clip basically that already? two hoofs down, tintin can’t even save this clip.

  • Weswolf

    I gave up halfway through that clip. It was just awful.

  • Acey

    I enjoyed it *shrug* to each is own I guess though lol

  • Anonymous

    Hmm. That was a little bit humorous, but mostly not that funny. So, basically what I expect from MAD.

  • Supertide


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  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Pretty cool

  • It wasn’t bad nor was it good. That’s the way of MAD, I’m surprised the show is still going, its usually my natural instinct to check what else is on when MAD comes on after watching Adventure Time and Regular Show.

  • Austin Hobbs

    It was O.K. but you know how MAD can be. Fluttershy was ironic though so that was a good twist. Overall not to bad but not that great either.


    Why does Applejack look like her sister Apple Bloom in this MAD sketch?

    I meant the color scheme. Applejack somewhat has her color scheme similar to her little sister.


      And why all the ponies are foal-sized?!


        Why unicorns can fly?!!!? They don’t have any wings like the pegasi so have they used invisible telekinesis to float like that?!