“My Small Squirrel”

It’s not unheard of for DHX to make playful jabs at its other productions. In the latest episode of Littlest Pet Shop, “Blythe’s Pet Project,” Blythe tries to convince Shivers the Squirrel to live in the park by depicting it as a magical land filled with friendship and a little too much sugar. You can sit through this sequence after the jump or here. (The magic starts at 14:05.)

  • StatManDan

    This was a much more lighthearted jab than the one Pound Puppies delivered. Some might interpret what Pound Puppies did was a network sideswipe even though Daniel Ingram does the music and Tara Strong voiced the daughter central to the plot of that episode (“No Dogs Allowed”). I understood what they were trying to go for in Pound Puppies in that rejecting or dismissing things just because they were the most favorite/central thing in your life and/or forcing your interest upon others is bad, but it might hit too close to home for some Bronies.

  • Fett101

    The entire episodes seems pony related

  • Shiek927

    I just saw that Pound Puppies episode….and I honestly don’t know what to make of it.

    If the Landlord and the Pony Sisters club is supposed to represent Bronies, I can’t agree with that at all….Perhaps there really are Bronies that act that stuck-up, but I’ve never once had that experience and, although I’m undoubtedly generalizing, I’m not sure how many people have that attitude at all. Considering how much the community has had to go through, I feel the daughter and her dog-loving friends better represent the Brony community.

    The Pony Sisters come off as just typical stuck-up enthusiasts for any ol’ interest, and the father is well-meaning, but even his interest as we saw is sort of overbearing….and again, maybe that was the point – maybe this was supposed to take place from the perspective of those who don’t care for the fandom, while not necessarily despising it, “don’t get” the interest and find it too much.

    If this whole episode really was a parody/jab at the Brony community, I feel sort of compelled to say it was, if only a little, a mispresentation – I’ve never once had, or even really heard, others feeling that fans of the show, even the big ones, are overbearing or obnoxious: undoubtedly, there probably are a few, if only because their are trolls in every group, but I ultimately feel it was a bit of a misrepresentation, and ironically feel the little girl and her friends better represent the community — those who have their love and interest, just trying to fit in with everyone else who can’t stomach or tolerate it.

    At least the father, who is a hilarious cliche, isn’t too over-the-top…I was honestly afraid they would go overboard with him, but thankfully they didn’t. I also loved the star power in this episode….Tara Strong (who seems to do all sorts of parodies, like the horrendous MAD stuff), Cree Summer I heard, and the unbelievable Kath Soucie I heard as well.

  • Anonymous

    The rainbow one should have been a flying squirrel.

  • StatManDan

    Another thing to note with regards to Pound Puppies, DHX took over production of that show from the 8th episode on due to the evidently sub-standard animation from 9 Story Entertainment. I’m not joking. Watch an episode from 101-107 and then watch any of the 32 episodes after that and compare.

    Watching a handful of episodes, I do believe this reboot is better than the original show that aired on ABC in 1986-1988 (and definitely better than “The Legend of Big Paw” movie), but MLP is the better show. Incidentally, the creators of Disney’s Recess were also the co-creators of this version of Pound Puppies, but were apparently not part of Season Two.

    They will have a 26-episode Season Three starting this Summer bringing their total to 65.