Naughty or Nice Awards Launched

Sanity is overrated by Necrath

Sanity is overrated by Necrath

A few days ago we already reported on The Hub’s press release about this year’s Naughty or Nice competition. Now the voting pages have been published and they even put out a special ad for the occasion. For more information on the changed voting procedure, see our abovelinked press release post.

Significantly, the ad features Pinkie Pie and Discord, and thus most likely Andrea Libman and John de Lancie. Before the ad was even published, it was already rumored that this may be Discord’s expected return to poni, anticlimactically so. However, the hints we have been basing our expectations on are Mike Vogel’s comments at NYCC (22:10) (see also this post) and John de Lancie’s comments at various conventions, in particular the Fan Expo Vancouver:

It’s strange to me that doing the voice on one episode, or two episodes or whatever it was, on a cartoon could garner so much interest. So that said, I did a rather big story line part a couple of months ago I think. I have no idea what their lag time is between that and you seeing it, but there’s more to come.

Since this “moderation” of the Naughty or Nice awards is anything but “a rather big story line part,” and they probably don’t have to record a little ad like that eight months in advance, I see little reason to fret about Discord’s reprise.

These worries laid to rest, have a look beyond the break to watch the ad, which is also up on the Hubworld website. Then feel free to head over to the Naughty or Nice pages to cast your vote.

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