Andrea Libman

Shawn of Pon3 Con (May 10–12, 2013) sends over this grand announcement of their affiliated Nerd-Kon (April 12–14, 2013), a convention about “Gaming, MLP: Friendship is Magic, Sci fi, Comics, Fantasy, Anime, Horror, Costuming, Science, Music, Blogging, Anthropomorphic, Art, or Ren Faire Culture,” according to their website.

Our friends over at Nerd-Kon 2013 just booked a very special guest: Miss Andrea Libman, voice of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, will be attending the convention in April!

And to help kick things off, they’re having a couple of contests!

Here’s some info, directly from Nerdtron Studios:

Photo Contest

Nerdtron loves you, regardless if you are a gamer, brony, otaku, furry, sci-fi nerd, comic book nerd or whatever. So, let’s show each other some love.

Show us in the most creative unique way that you can tell us via photo “I heart Nerdtron” and you may just win 1 of 2 FREE autographs from Andrea Libman, as well as autographs from all of our guests.

Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Take a photo of yourself holding a sign that says your name and “I heart Nerdtron”
  2. Aim for creative and unique; anything goes
  3. Like/Add and Submit the photo to the two pages below; your submission must be on both pages or it won’t be counted
  4. Tell a friend about about Nerd-Kon

This contest will be decided on Thursday, February 28, 2013


Basically, we just want to give you rad stuff and get you excited about the convention. So go to the Nerd-Kon Website, look at the top of the page for ”SUPER MEGA AWESOME RAFFLE” and pick up some raffle tickets (they’re only one dollar, no limit on quantity), fill out the name box, then show up to the March Nebraska Bronies Meet-Up in Omaha, Nebraska to find out if you won. Can’t make it all the way to Nebraska in March? Don’t worry!* If you can’t make it, check our Facebook andTwitter.
*The only prize that you must 100% be present to win is the $200 VIP Badge.
Heres a little more detail on how to win and also WHAT YOU”LL BE WINNING!

  1. Go to and purchase raffle tickets; remember, no limit on quantity
  2. Go Like Nerdtron Studios on ( and (
  3. Come to the Nebraska Bronies Meetup to see if you won, or check our Facebook or Twitter that evening

The Prizes are as follows and will be given out individually, not as a pair.

Two (2) Nerd-Kon 2013 badges (
Two (2) PON3 Con 2 badges (
Two (2) Con Shirts
One (1) Autograph from Andrea Libman
One (1) Nerd-Kon VIP Badge (valued at $200) which includes:

  • One VIP Badge with Special Edition Design
  • One Autograph from all the guests.
  • One Nerd-Kon Tee
  • Four Nerd-Kon Limited Edition Buttons
  • One Complimentary VIP Lunch/or Dinner with the guests, date TBD
  • Priority seating at main events
  • Access to the After-Con Dead Dog party
  • Listing in the Program Guide as a VIP member

So there you have we it; we freaking love you guys and we want you to come have a blast with us at PON3 Con 2 and with our friends at Nerd-Kon 2013.
So share this around and try and win some AWESOME stuff!

  • Thanks for posting our annoucement and we hope to see you all at both Nerd-kon and Pon3 Con!

    -Shawn Mitten▲
    Pon3Con Co-Chair