New CR Flagship Show: Canterlot Cross-Fade

Fillies and Gentlecolts! Yours truly DJ Shamrock here with DJ KBrony to bring you a VERY special announcement! We’ve been playing this one close to the chest and now it’s time for it to pay off.


With the news of KBrony’s Everypony Variety Show no longer airing on Celestia Radio, many have wondered what new things they will see from us, but wonder no longer!


Celestia Radio presents it’s brand new flagship radio show CANTERLOT CROSS-FADE! CCF will play every Sunday @ 7PM EST for two hours! That’s 6PM CST and midnight GMT. That’s right folks an entire two hour long show dedicated to breaking the ceiling on what you thought you knew about Ponycasts and popular shows!

Join us this Sunday, June 23rd, at 7PM EST for the PREMIERE of this wonderful new show, ONLY on Celestia Radio!

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