By ShinePawArt

Some ponies seem to view episode titles and synopses as spoilers, so have a little copypasta from my own blog, Ponyleaks, after the break.

Air date: January 21, 2012, 15:00 UTC (10 a.m. EST) (time not confirmed)

Synopsis: “Applejack disappears and the friends set out on a journey to find her.” (Zap2it)

So this is our mysterious The Last Roundup. Neat.

Also, first again! Yay!

  • 8ftmetalhead

    I don't mind reading them, but I sure do consider them spoilers.
    Also yay applejack ep.

  • 2007excalibur2007

    About time she got her own episode.


    >Applejack episode
    >"Applejack disappears"

    Lol, the irony.

  • Mason

    This sounds like an interesting ep

  • Anonymous

    So we've got an upcoming Pinkie episode, and now an upcoming AJ episode…

    This had better mean we've got a Fluttershy episode coming up soon.

  • Pawn Heart

    I like this concept… the other characters talking about Applejack in her absence may provide a more interesting AJ-based episode than having her in the flesh. However, this is obviously just speculation, and I enjoy being surprised by the team (as I often am)!