Zap2it has published the title and air date of season 4 episode 9 to air on January 11, 2014: “Pinkie Apple Pie.”

Thanks to Jordan for pointing out that this is likely to be the episode that was previewed at San Diego Comic-Con—written by Natasha Levinger and storyboarded by Emmett Hall and Tony Cliff. Hence, we can look forward to to the song Apples to the Core!

  • Dogman15

    More information, such as writer, song, and storyboarders, can be found here:

  • Tuxedo Cartman

    And suddenly, a million shipping writers cried out in exctasy… then realized they were out of work.

  • Dogman15

    Likely? No, it is. And I’m surprised you didn’t realize that right away. Oh well. I guess I just am more obsessed with knowing all these details than normal.

    • Based on the episode number or something else I missed? They’ve swapped those around before. But content and order taken together, it seems unlikely that it’s not.

  • Bubblegum

    And this is the second episode to share it’s title with one of McCarthy’s prank Season 4 April Fool tweets! I wonder what else we can believe from there….

  • Retrocheerilee

    Here comes the shippers!