New German MLP DVDs and Audio Plays Ahead

The legend of vinyl by Unnop64

The legend of vinyl by Unnop64

The first November week will be brimful of My Little Pony. On November 5th, Nickelodeon Germany will air the Royal Wedding special, leading into the premiere of season 2 of the dubbed version. On November 10th, the Hub will air the pilot of season 3. But that is just is just the cherry on the pony cake.

On November 9th, EDEL Records will release volume 5 and volume 6 of the region-free, bilingual My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic DVD and also the fifth and sixth volume of the audio play, which will also be available via iTunes.

The DVDs will contain following episodes:

  • Das Blätterrennen (The Leaf Race) ((Fall Weather Friends))
  • Die Modenschau (The Fasion Show) ((Suited for Success))
  • Pinkie-Weisheiten (Pinkie Wisdoms) ((Feeling Pinkie Keen))
  • Rainbows großer Tag (Rainbow’s Big Day) ((Sonic Rainboom))
  • Babysitter Fluttershy (Stare Master)
  • Die Showstars (The Show Star) ((The Show Stoppers))

The audio plays will contain following episodes:

  • Das fremde Zebra (The Exotic Zebra) ((Bridle Gossip))
  • Fürchterlich niedliche Tierchen (Terribly Cute Critters) ((Swarm of the Century))
  • Frühlingsanfang in Ponyville (Start of Spring in Ponyville) ((Winter Wrap Up))
  • Etwas ganz besonderes (Something Very Special) ((Call of the Cutie))


  • Some of those German words are incredibly fun to say.

  • Jody Morgan

    “The Fashion Show”? “Rainbow’s Big Day”? “Something Very Special”?? Is this Europe’s payback for us changing “Let the Right One In” to “Let Me In”?