New Toys: Baby Pony, Extra Large Brushables


Hasbro has toys listed on its own MLP page, separate from the toy shop, and has added a few new toys. The thing that’s most new is Tickle ‘N Gigglin’ Lily, a new baby pony toy. She has a unique filly on the packaging, which is a really nice touch!

BD536E4650569047F5DFB32CAD3682B9There’s also some extra large brushables listed as well. They’re about the size of fashion styles but are completely new molds. A full run down and pictures are after the break.Fluttershy is the same mold as the hair styling pack. Before, fashion style wings were a separate piece and were glued onto bodies. Now the mold has the wings as part of the flank, instead of the whithers area.

A363F02050569047F561CAF811648CBARarity’s horn looks pretty small, but otherwise the unicorn mold looks really good.

A34DB9C050569047F5B1FD873FB164DFThis particular Pinkie Pie has popped up in a few stores before, but shares the same $10 price tag and only includes a brush.






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