As MDBjc and Calpain report, the Hub has broadcast a new TV commercial for their Royal Wedding subpages and the season finale. The actual footage from the episodes, however, is minimal. They launched their latest activity, “DJ Pinkie Pie,” not even two hours ago, so that now all the activities appear to be operational. The Flash includes simple looping animations of the mane six and Spike dancing, which you can arrange before the backdrop of Celestia, Luna, and several high-profile background ponies while Vinyl Scratch plays tunes from The Best Night Ever, Stare Master, and other episodes. Unfortunately, it is not easily possible to let only Twilight Sparkle dance everywhere all the time.

  • cant wait to see the show ur getting MARRIED
    i also want to say wow

  • my dowter is realy wanting to do this my douter just cant wait!