Nightmare Nights Dallas is proud to announce two additional guests for our event in November 2013!

First off, it’s storyboarder supreme, comic artist, and really cool gal- Sabrina “Sibsy” Alberghetti! She’ll be bringing her experience in storyboarding to share with us at her first actual convention guest appearance.

Secondly, we’re happy to announce our first guest writer. Crafting such awesome episodes as Sonic Rainboom, Luna Eclipsed, Magic Duel, and Magical Mystery Cure. Join us this November in saying, “Thanks, M. A. Larson!”

These fine folks will be joining our other guests in November. From My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Andrea Libman, Brenda Crichlow, Peter New, James “Wootie” Wootton, and Big Jim Miller. From the fan community we have awesome artists including Pixelkitties and SophieCabra, fan news representatives from Equestria Daily and Derpy Hooves News, and fandom media representation from Ponyville Live, Celestia Radio, and more!

Check out our site at for full details. Pre-registration is open as well as our room block, so act early to save yourself some cash! Follow us on Twitter @NightmareNights for more updates.

  • Battra

    Hooray more Sandycon info!